Furious Cinema’s 2018 Holiday Shopping Guide

It’s that time of year again when film geeks are eagerly anticipating the Holiday Season for all kinds of good food, family visits and of course: PRESENTS. To keep with tradition, we’ve put together this handy shopping guide of (furious) handpicked items that we think would put big smiles on the faces of your movie obsessed loved ones. So check it out. If you choose to purchase anything from our guide, please use our Amazon links (on the corresponding pages) to help support this website. We Thank You! Happy Holidays from Furious Cinema!

BOOKS: The world of graphic design, cult cinema and a tale of hip hop legends. Here are some furious reads we recommend for your coffee table and book shelf.
ON BLU RAY: From Film Noir to Japanese splatter, here’s a variety of furious genre films we love that will make nice stocking stuffers this year!  
ELECTRONICS: Roku is one of the best streaming media players on the market. Highly recommended!

There are many Roku options, try to get one with 4K (Amazon).

For a lot more gift ideas, do visit the FC Amazon Pagethe Tarantino Archives’ influencer page on Amazon.com (which is damn new, have you even heard of that?), or explore the SWDb and GCDb on your own and check which cool things came out this year that you need not miss….also flick to some of the older articles on Furious Cinema (just do a search for BluRay for example), you’ll find tons of inspiration for your holiday shopping.



Editor-In-Chief of The Grindhouse Cinema Database and Furious Cinema. Pete is an avid movie geek who enjoys everything from wild n' crazy exploitation and cult films to popular mainstream classics.

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