Steve McQueen stars in PAPILLON

On September 18th Warner Archive will release Franklin J. Schaffner’s adventure/prison drama PAPILLON starring Steve McQueen on BluRay. Based on a true story, this 70s classic features one of McQueen’s finest performances. Co-starring Dustin Hoffman, Don Gordon, Anthony Zerbe and Woodrow Parfrey.

Synopsis: They called him Papillon, meaning butterfly. If only he had wings to go with the name. Unable to fly, Henri Charriere virtually willed himself free. He persisted until he did the impossible: escape Devil’s Island. Based on Charriere’s bestseller and shot in Spain and Jamaica, Franklin J. Schaffner’s film of Papillon united two stars at key career junctures. After a decade of fine work in The Great Escape, The Sand Pebbles and Bullitt, Steve McQueen found in Charriere another ideal tough-guy role. Coming off The Graduate, Midnight Cowboy and Little Big Man, Dustin Hoffman again distinguished himself as Dega, Charriere’s scruffy friend.

Special Features and Technical Specs: Featurette “The Magnificent Rebel” • Theatrical Trailer • Optional Spanish, French, English SDH subtitles

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