NotQuiteHollywoodWe are as mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore! Enough with the average fit-for-13-year-old-teenie-girls Hollywood popcorn bullshit. We want the real cinema back. Movies from the good old days, the all or nothing days, the Vanishing Point days. We want all the fun, the thrills, the excitement of movies that dared to stand the hell out. That”s why we started this blog, to bring to your attention the shit we like, so you may discuss with us and others and discover new things, different things and especially old things. Because really, if you don”t want to see a movie made after 1980, you don”t have to. There are enough friggin’ amazing movies out there that wait for you to be discovered.

Who are we? A bunch of cineasts who prefer Leone over Spielberg, AIP over Disney and Elke Sommer over Reese Witherspoon (sorry Reese).

This website was established on a cold November night 2010 by Sebastian Haselbeck and is an addition to the CineCoalition. Sebastian runs this as a hobby with mucho support by Pete Roberts of the Grindhouse Cinema Database. Our sister sites are: The Quentin Tarantino Archives, The Spaghetti Western Database (SWDB), The Grindhouse Cinema Database, and The Robert Rodriguez Archives. If you’re a Twitter user (or maybe not, still interesting), check out The CineCoalition.

Furious Cinema was started by Sebastian. He owns and operates the site, and writes passionate articles every now and then. The main staff writer is Peter, he”s a walking talking movie encyclopedia. We are joined by a number of regular and semi-regular authors. Click on one of the avatars to see contributions listed by author. Scroll down to send us a message, or let us know you”d love to contribute articles.

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