10 Mad As Hell Movie Vehicles

For our latest furious list we wanted to highlight some of the coolest vehicles we’ve seen in some of our favorite films. From mad as hell modified muscle cars to cushy cruisers to supernatural hot rods there’s a nice selection for the cinematic car enthusiasts out there.

Pussy Wagon

Pussy Wagon – Kill Bill / Model: Chevy Silverado SS / Owner: Buck / The Bride

The horny hospital orderly Buck (Michael Bowen) might be a despicable guy (if you’ve seen this film you’ll know why) but his truck is simply one of the coolest looking customized rides ever put onscreen. After killing Buck, The Bride (Uma Thurman) takes ownership of the yellow and red “Big El Paso Pimpin” Mobile and takes off on her roaring rampage of revenge.

Silver Bullet motorized wheelchair

Silver Bullet / Model: Motorized Wheelchair / Owner: Marty

There’s been alot of excellent screen adaptations made based on Stephen King’s work (Carrie, Misery, Shawshank Redemption to name a few) and the werewolf subgenre film Silver Bullet (1985) is one of my favorites. Corey Haim plays a handicapped kid named Marty whose uncle (Gary Busey) is a drunk but also a fun loving dude with talent to build him a truly badass motorized wheelchair which he uses to race around town on.

Priest's Super Fly Pimpmobile

Pimpmobile – Super Fly / Model: Cadillac El Dorado / Owner: Youngblood Priest

One of the most memorable opening scenes in a movie for me is when Priest (Ron O’Neal) hops in his tricked out hog and cruises down the mean streets as Curtis Mayfield’s memorable funky main theme plays. It’s just supercool, superbad, and yes super fly.

The Wraith

The Wraith / Model: Dodge M4S Prototype / Owner: Jake

Before Charlie Sheen became famous for WINNING and TIGER BLOOD, he starred in this cult classic about a mysterious being who appears as an angel of vengeance. This was sort of like High Plains Drifter but set in the 80s and instead of a horse, new kid in town Jake (Sheen) drives a really spaced out looking Dodge Prototype as his alter-ego The Wraith. Yep, this film has got kick!

Bobby's Straight Arrow van

Straight Arrow – The Van / Model: 1977 Dodge D300 Tradesman / Owner: Bobby

There’s nothing like buying your first cool car and in this movie that’s a specially modified van that Bobby (Stuart Goetz) buys after working for several years and saving up nickels and dimes in his piggy bank. This thing is filled with all kinds of tricked out goodies, from a fridge to a waterbed! I’m tellin ya it’s one groovy machine!

Max's suped up V-8 Interceptor

V-8 Interceptor – Mad Max / Model: 1973 XB GT Ford Falcon Coupe / Owner: Max Rockatansky

Max (Mel Gibson) needs a special police cruiser to take on The Toecutter and his gang of psychotic roving nomads. After his stuttering mechanic pal fixes up the last known V-8 Interceptor, he gives it to Max to be his new motorized weapon to help him bring some highly charged justice on the outback highways.

Cobra's Ford Mercury

Awsom 50 – Cobra / Model: 1950 Ford Mercury / Owner: Marion Cobretti

Cobra is clearly a retro kind of guy, from his greaser fashion style to the way he eats pizza with scissors. This rockin’ 50s hot rod is a perfect vehicle for him to cruise around and look mean in. NOTE: Stay out of his parking spot or he’ll rip your shirt off.

The Tumbler

The Tumbler – Dark Knight Trilogy / Model: Military vehicle / Owner: Batman

If you’re The Batman, you gotta have some special wheels. Luckily for Bruce Wayne his own father’s company has alot of cool gadgets at his disposal including this prototype vehicle that was created to set up bridges during war battles. Bruce instead uses it for his own vigilante work against diabolical foes and even to evade police. It not only has rocket boost and missile capabilities but it can also turn into a two wheeled Bat Pod!


Christine / Model: 1958 Plymouth Fury / Owner: Arnie Cunningham

It sure was a beauty when it came off the factory line, but “Christine” as its first owner called it, was also a demonically possessed entity capable of turning anyone who drove it mad as hell. When impressionable nerdy teen Arnie (Keith Gordon) buys the car it’s a worn out dusty clunker but soon the effort he puts into fixing it up turns it into one sexy set of wheels. The only downside is, instead of giving good times on the road, it starts killing people.

The Bluesmobile

Bluesmobile – The Blues Brothers / Model: 1974 Dodge Monaco Sedan / Owner: Elwood Blues

Previously a police car, this battered junker may look mighty slow but it’s got some serious fuel injection and soul. It gets Jake and Elwood through all kinds of troubles including outrunning cops and neo-nazis as they do their best to complete their “mission from God”.

Do you have any favorite mad as hell movie vehicles? Let us know!




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  1. nope says:

    really?? no knightrider?

  2. sam says:

    The TV version of Kill Bill changes truck’s name to “The Party Wagon”

  3. John says:

    Walt’s Gran Torino And Mike’s Deathproof stuntmobile

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