ICHI THE KILLER Definitive Remastered Edition

Back in 2001, all my film geek friends were talking about a new movie by a Japanese director named Takashi Miike. That film turned out to be ICHI THE KILLER, a Yakuza themed shocker (based on a Manga by Hideo Yamamoto) that was both immensely gory and extremely funny. It really knocked me for a loop when I first saw it but from that point on I was hooked (pun intended) and began getting into Miike’s films. 17 years later home video distributor Well Go USA has got a brand spankin new 4K remastered edition for all the fans of the cult classic. This gem gets the Furious Cinema Seal of Approval.


Official Synopsis: Takashi Miike’s cult film has endured as one of the most influential pieces of genre filmmaking of the last two decades, and now it returns in a stunning all-new 4k restoration approved by Miike himself. This visceral, bloody, and often hilarious film follows Kakihara (Tadanobu Asano), a notoriously sadistic yakuza enforcer whose search for his boss’ killer brings him into the orbit of a demented costumed assassin known as Ichi (Nao Ohmori).

Special Features and Technical Specs: Audio Commentary with Director Takashi Miike & Manga Artist/Writer Hideo Yamamoto • Still Gallery • Original Trailer • Optional English subtitles for the main feature



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