Move Aside, Jack Bauer

High Noon

One thing always bothered me – you might say it makes me furious. No make that two. The one thing is how an actually not bad of a television concept could just go down the drain after season two and turn into something like Dick Cheney‘s wet dream, a wank bank for vigilante human rights violators. The other thing is, how the concept of 24 the TV show was hailed as something so breathtakingly new, while it is older than color motion pictures. Fred Zinnemann, an Austrian expatriate by the way, made High Noon in 1952. It is not only a milestone in cinema and one of the best western movies ever made, it is also pretty much a story taking place in real time, including all the tick-tockin’ of a clock. The difference between Jack Bauer and Marshal Kane (Gary Cooper) is, that one stood up for law and order like a man, while the other took a shit on it and turned into the porn star of the “war on terror” fear machine. Good night, and good luck.



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