The Most Awesome Movies Ever Made: Steven Seagal in OUT FOR JUSTICE

Steven Seagal is a badass. Say what you want about his career developments in the recent years, he used to epitomize badassdom, and if you trust the editing work in his movies, his hands disarm baddies quicker than a strike of lightning. Having said that we turn to a very special presentation of “the most awesome movies ever made“, a series of video presentations made in Austria about – well – some of the most awesome movies ever made. Peter Vogl, the guy behind the show has made eight episodes before this one, and they are all worth checking out. The movies he showcases kick ass, are uber-manly, ridiculously over the top or just plain awesome for a variety of reasons, for example daring, edginess, originality, conviction, muscles, furiosity or action.

“Tell Richie I’m gonna cut off his head and piss down his throat!”

This ninth episode about Steven Seagal’s Out for Justice, as he explains, a vehicle for Seagal if there ever was one. It’s from back in the days when he was still considered to be A-list among the B-list, his Under Siege films being his only real forays into A-movie spheres. Out for Justice is from a time where bad boys were just evil and did evil things and good guys were just right and the ends justified the means. With Out for Justice, Seagal was officially aiming for an academy award. Some of the supporting cast, the serious efforts at making this a memorable cult crime flick, and his interpretation of a cop, lend proof to that effort, which ultimately fell flat – but earned the movie instant cult status and video store fame. Check out the video below.



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  1. Peter Roberts says:

    Awesome! One of my fav action movies. “I’m gonna keep comin back until somebody remembas seein Richie!”

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