Discover the differences between film and digital in SIDE BY SIDE

The transition from 35mm (celluloid) to digital filmmaking is of course one of the most controversial subjects right now if you’re associated with or interested in movies. The entire business is changing because of the state of modern technology. Anyone can make movies today thanks to digital cameras. On one side its a fantastic time to be an artist because the possibilities are endless, on the other, we are losing a tradition of a unique kind of moviemaking magic.

The new documentary SIDE BY SIDE from Actor/Producer Keanu Reeves and Director Chris Keneally will take a much closer look at the subject by going straight to the best critics of this new age of cinema storytelling: the directors themselves. Reeves and Keneally interviewed a number of popular cinemas’ master storytellers such as Martin Scorsese (Hugo), George Lucas (Star Wars), David Lynch (Mulholland Drive), James Cameron (Avatar), Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight), Robert Rodriguez (Machete), The Wachowskis (Speed Racer), Steven Soderbergh (Haywire) and David Fincher (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo) to get the real pros and cons of working with both types of filmmaking processes. This documentary will be a must see for film fans, scholars and tech aficionados. We certainly can’t wait to learn more about all the differences between the two mediums here at FC!


Movies were shot, edited and projected using photochemical film. But over the last two decades a digital process has emerged to challenge photochemical filmmaking.

SIDE BY SIDE, a new documentary produced by Keanu Reeves, takes an in-depth look at this revolution. Through interviews with directors, cinematographers, film students, producers, technologies, editors, and exhibitors, SIDE BY SIDE examines all aspects of filmmaking — from capture to edit, visual effects to color correction, distribution to archive. At this moment when digital and photochemical filmmaking coexist, SIDE BY SIDE explores what has been gained, what is lost, and what the future might bring.



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