Marvel’s DAREDEVIL Season 2 won’t be child’s play

We were ecstatic about MARVEL’s Daredevil Season 1 from Netflix and it looks like the 2nd season will be even more intense. Why? That’s because the series will be getting some new blood in the form of two of ol Hornhead’s most well known co-stars from the comics. Jon Bernthal (Sicario) will portray the vengeance driven Frank Castle aka The Punisher and Elodie Yung will play Elektra Natchios, a woman from Matt Murdock’s past. Also returning are Elden Henson as Matt’s best avocado Foggy Nelson and Deborah Ann Woll as their secretary/friend Karen Page. Rumor has it we may see a certain Zuppa Inglese loving crime boss from Season 1 as well.

According to Brian Lowry of Variety the season begins “on an uneven note, occasionally feeling as if [Daredevil has] taken a detour from dark and gritty into the realm of Sam Peckinpah movies, complete with slow-motion bullets and blood sprays. Stick with it, though, and the show blossoms, featuring a few terrific action sequences while introducing into this grim world seminal characters the Punisher and Elektra”.

Now to those who love cinema the name Sam Peckinpah will evoke some very striking imagery.

Are you ready to go back to Hell’s Kitchen to visit The Man Without Fear? We sure are! DAREDEVIL SEASON 2 will be released for binge watching on NETFLIX March 18th.




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