A band of mercenaries take a deadly mission in THE WILD GEESE

Severin Films the label that brought us the explosive DVD/Blu Ray release of Enzo G. Castellari’s Macaroni Combat cult classic Inglorious Bastards has got another men on a mission film on the way, this time it’s Andrew V. McLaglen’s 1978 mercenary masterpiece THE WILD GEESE starring Roger Moore, Richard Burton, Richard Harris and Hardy Kruger.

We previously picked this film as part of our 10 Mad As Hell Mercenary Films list and we are really happy to see it getting the full high definition treatment! If you’re an action-adventure movie fan we highly recommend picking this one up and adding it to your Blu Ray library!

Synopsis: Screen legends Richard Burton, Roger Moore and Richard Harris star as a team of aging mercenaries hired by a wealthy industrialist for one final mission: Recruit and train a squad of desperate commandos, parachute into an unstable African nation, snatch its deposed President from a maximum security army prison, escape via the military-controlled airport, and massacre anyone who gets in their way. Getting to the target will be murder. But when the group is double-crossed, getting out alive may be impossible. Hardy Kruger (A BRIDGE TOO FAR), Frank Finlay (THE THREE MUSKETEERS), Barry Foster (FRENZY) and Stewart Granger (KING SOLOMON’S MINES) co-star in this blood & guts action classic, now packed with all-new Bonus Features and fully re-mastered in explosive HD for the first time ever in America!


– The Wild Geese Director – Exclusive new video interview with Director Andrew V. MgLaghlen (16 mins)
– The Mercenary – Exclusive new video interview with military advisor Mike Hoare (10 mins)
– The Last of the Gentleman Producers – Documentary on Producer Euan Lloyd featuring Lloyd, Roger Moore, Joan Armatrading, Ingrid Pitt, and more (33 mins)
– Audio Commentary With Producer Euan Lloyd, Star Roger Moore, Second Unit Director John Glen, Moderated by Filmmaker Jonathan Sothcott
– The Flight Of The Wild Geese – Vintage Featurette
– The Wild Geese Royal Charity Premiere Newsreel (7 mins)
– Theatrical trailer

The Wild Geese (Blu-ray DVD Combo)



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