The kids aren’t alright in BATTLE ROYALE

We’ve got some great news for fans of modern furious cinema: Kinji Fukasaku’s cult classic-teen survival film Battle Royale (2000) will be officially released on Region 1/A BluRay & DVD by Anchor Bay Entertainment on March 20th!

Battle Royale Blu Ray

In dystopian future Japan, unemployment skyrockets leaving millions out of work. Fearing that their children will rebel and cause chaos, the government passes the Millennium Educational Reform Act. Under this new law, school students must take part in an annual “Battle Royale” which is a game that requires them to wear explosive collars and fight each other to the death until only one is left. If any of the kids try to escape, happen to enter a specific “death zone” or break the rules, their collars will be detonated. The film stars Takeski Kitano (Sonatine) and Chiaki Kuriyama (Kill Bill and is based on the Japanese novel.

NOTE: If you’re not sure just how cool this film is, Writer-Director Quentin Tarantino named it his number one favorite film since he began his career in 1992!

SPECIAL FEATURES: The Making Of BATTLE ROYALE – BATTLE ROYALE Press Conference – Instructional Video: Birthday Version – Audition & Rehearsal Footage – Special Effects Comparison Featurette – Tokyo International Film Festival 2000 – Battle Royale Documentary – Basketball Scene Rehearsals – Behind-The-Scenes Featurette – Filming On-Set – Original Theatrical Trailer – Special Edition TV Spot – TV Spot: Tarantino Version

Update: Now ever since we posted that many many years ago, there have been more recent releases of this classic. Here we go….



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