The price of freedom is high in Marvel’s CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER

“The price of freedom is high. And it’s a price I’m willing to pay.”

Over the past six years Marvel Studios have been creating what we now know as the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This is the first fully established super hero feature film series where all the movies are interconnected. Since Jon Favreau’s Iron Man which was a worldwide smash, the studio have been setting up one hit franchise after another. Captain America: The First Avenger which starred Chris Evans brought back the legendary comic book hero into the spotlight with a whole new level of resonance and gravitas. Directed by Joe Johnston, the origin story was set in the 1940s during World War II and took inspiration from Hollywood classics like Raiders of The Lost Ark and The Rocketeer in its overall tone and look. Audiences loved it and couldn’t wait to see the next adventure with Cap.

In the highly anticipated sequel directed by The Russo Brothers, Steve is still reeling from the effects of his 70 years in suspended animation and has been trying to adjust to living in a modern world following the events of The Avengers. Now residing in Washington D.C., Steve works at SHIELD HQ under the close watch of Cmdr. Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) and Alexander Pierce (Robert Redford). When a friend of Steve’s is attacked he uncovers a deadly conspiracy within SHIELD and encounters a new enemy called The Winter Soldier.

The latest Official trailers released on Super Bowl Sunday give fans a lot to get excited about. They are filled with many more exhillerating action sequences from start to finish. They also let us glimpse the actual story arc which will be equally intriguing. We get to see Steve in action against his latest foe, the enigmatic and super deadly assassin, Winter Soldier. He also gets two new partners in his ongoing battle against evil, Natasha Romanov aka Black Widow (Scarlett Johannson) and Sam Wilson aka The Falcon (Anthony Mackie). This latest installment is not only a spectacular Marvel super hero film but heavily influenced by political/conspiracy/espionage thrillers of the 60s, 70s and 80s like The Manchurian Candidate, The Parallax View, The Conversation, Three Days of The Condor and Blow Out.

Official Synopsis: After the cataclysmic events in New York with The Avengers, Marvel’s “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” finds Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, living quietly in Washington, D.C. and trying to adjust to the modern world. But when a S.H.I.E.L.D. colleague comes under attack, Steve becomes embroiled in a web of intrigue that threatens to put the world at risk. Joining forces with the Black Widow, Captain America struggles to expose the ever-widening conspiracy while fighting off professional assassins sent to silence him at every turn. When the full scope of the villainous plot is revealed, Captain America and the Black Widow enlist the help of a new ally, the Falcon. However, they soon find themselves up against an unexpected and formidable enemy—the Winter Soldier.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier opens April 4th.




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