The Avengers create their own demon in AGE OF ULTRON

“Everyone creates the thing they dread”

The darker, creepier tone of Avengers: Age of Ultron is highlighted once again in the second superb trailer released yesterday. James Spader (The Blacklist) who is playing the titular disturbed artificial intelligence, is chilling in his delivery of lines that let us know Earth’s Mightiest Heroes will be facing an enemy that has already planned how to defeat them: by tearing them apart from the inside. It’s becoming apparent that ULTRON’s diabolical process of eliminating his foes, who he sees as the world’s real problem, will make us as viewers identify with and understand his reasoning on certain levels. The greatest villains in movies seem to be the ones who you feel some amount of sympathy for. I think ULTRON, as sick as he is, will be one of those for audiences.

The 2nd trailer which plays out against an instrumental version of Pinocchio’s “I Have No Strings” gives us more stunning imagery and dialogue including:

– Tony explaining the world needs something more powerful than The Avengers to protect it.
– Citizens running in a panic
– ULTRON threatening Avengers
– ULTRON drones attacking in mass/one fighting Cap
– The Science Bros (via HULKBUSTER Vs HULK) having a city levelling spat
– THOR telling Tony he really messed up
– Another shot of Andy Serkis this time drawing a gun. Could he be Ulysses Klaw as fans have suspected? (the claw necklace might be a clue)
– A woman disrobing in a cave (this looks like the same spot where a raging THOR erupts from in the previous trailer)

The content of the film (exploding onto the big screen May 1st) looks epic on all levels. From the photography to the SFX to the acting. This will be a global adventure in an expanded Marvel Universe we haven’t seen yet featuring several new characters (Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, The VISION) that will be set up for future films.

We’re more than ready to be wowed by the newest vision of writer-director Joss Whedon who did a tremendous job on the first film. This follow up really looks like his ultimate dream of what a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie could be.


HULK is all toked out!



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