HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ROBERT DeNIRO (Born August 17, 1943). For over 40 years Mr. DeNiro has been thrilling movie viewers with his incredibly intense often FURIOUS performances. He is known for essentially becoming the characters he plays by getting to the truth of who they are through methods such as in-depth research and improvisation. He was one of the first actors of his generation to take the craft to a whole new level and continues to inspire countless artists to try to reach his unique brilliance. If you love movies it should be no mystery at all just why we’re such big fans of him. So without further ado, here’s a collection of clips (and trailers) from some of our favorite Robert DeNiro films!


Hi Mom (1970, Dir: Brian DePalma)
Role: Jon Rubin

The Godfather Part II (1974, Dir: Francis Ford Coppola)
Role: Young Vito Coreleone

Mean Streets (1973, Dir: Martin Scorsese)
Role: Johnny Boy

Taxi Driver (1976, Dir: Martin Scorsese)
Role: Travis Bickle

The Deer Hunter (1978, Dir: Michael Cimino)
Role: Michael Vronsky

Raging Bull (1980, Dir: Martin Scorsese)
Role: Jake LaMotta

The King of Comedy (1983, Dir: Martin Scorsese)
Role: Rupert Pupkin

Once Upon A Time In America (1984, Dir: Sergio Leone)
Role: David “Noodles” Aronson

The Untouchables (1987, Dir: Brian DePalma)
Role: Al Capone

Midnight Run (1988, Dir: Martin Brest)
Role: Jack Walsh

GoodFellas (1990, Dir: Martin Scorsese)
Role: Jimmy Conway

Cape Fear (1991, Dir: Martin Scorsese)
Role: Max Cady

A Bronx Tale (1993, Dir: Robert DeNiro)
Role: Lorenzo Anello

This Boys Life (1993, Dir: Michael Caton-Jones)
Role: Dwight Hansen

Casino (1995, Dir: Martin Scorsese)
Role: Sam “Ace” Rothstein

Heat (1995, Dir: Michael Mann)
Role: Neil McCauley

Jackie Brown (1997, Dir: Quentin Tarantino)
Role: Louis Gara

Cop Land (1997, Dir: James Mangold)
Role: Moe Tilden

Ronin (1998, Dir: John Frankenheimer)
Role: Sam

The Score (2001, Dir: Frank Oz)
Role: Nick



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