Shout Factory gets PSYCHO

It’s getting tough to keep up with all the fantastically furious Blu Ray releases from Shout Factory these days. Our sister site GCDB has done a pretty nice job cataloguing most of their classic B-movie and cult titles but we’ve only featured a few. We’re thrilled to now learn that the latest additions to their roster are two more of our favorites. The thrilling sequels to Alfred Hitchcock’s proto-slasher masterpiece.

Back in the 80s, on my initial viewing of each, I watched the first three Psycho movies in succession so ever since they’ve been sort of connected for me. Of course there’s no disputing the genius of Hitch’s original but Richard Franklin’s PSYCHO II was an excellent sequel and actually brought an element of dark comedy to the ongoing story of Norman Bates. For PSYCHO III, star Anthony Perkins got behind the camera and found another interesting angle to explore with the iconic character he became so famous for playing.

Along with these two horror classics, fans can also purchase the documentary PSYCHO LEGACY which looks closer at the history of the series.




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