Since the 1970s, Actor Christopher Walken has been playing eclectic, often daring roles that have made audiences happy. Early performances in movies like Annie Hall and The Deer Hunter (for which he won an Academy Award) were just the beginning of an amazing career. His unique style, voice and look are just some of the reasons he has stood out in the many films he’s made. Over the decades he has become a pop culture icon who has inspired other artists and secured his own special niche in the world of entertainment. Although he was primarily known for playing dark, edgy characters his first love was actually dancing (just check out the “Weapon of Choice” video by Fatboy Slim). He also has a superb knack for comedy as can be seen from his many appearances on Saturday Night Live (the Cowbell skit, The Continental, Col. Angus, Ed Glosser Trivial Psychic etc etc). In tribute to him we’d like to present this list of 10 of our favorite films/roles from the Walken filmography.

The Kid – The Anderson Tapes (1971, Dir: Sidney Lumet)

Duane Hall – Annie Hall (1977, Dir: Woody Allen)

Tom – Pennies From Heaven (1981, Dir: Herb Ross)

Nick – The Deer Hunter (1978, Dir: Michael Cimino)

Johnny Smith – The Dead Zone (1983, Dir: David Cronenberg)

Brad Whitewood Sr – At Close Range (1986, Dir: James Foley)

Sgt. Merwin J. Toomey – Biloxi Blues (1988, Mike Nichols)

Frank White – King of New York (1990, Dir: Abel Ferrara)

Vincenzo Coccotti – True Romance (1993, Dir: Tony Scott)

Captain Koons – Pulp Fiction (1994, Dir: Quentin Tarantino)

What are some of your favorite Christopher Walken films & characters? Let us know in our comments section!



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  1. Nathan Forester says:

    The Hessian Horseman is one of my favorite Walken roles.

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