With our Blu Fury Essentials list our aim is to bring readers just a little taste of the kinds of films we love here at Furious Cinema. As you can see by our choices, our preferences vary from the more artsy titles to the straight up popcorn flix. One thing is true about all of these picks: they are equally entertaining on their own unique levels and we consider them the “fine wines” of popular cinema. We hope you’ve enjoyed this guide to the films that we think will bring the most entertainment for you on repeat viewings. Above all we hope you decide to go ahead and make these great movies part of your home entertainment collection! So without anymore further to do’s, here’s part 2 of our Furious BluRay essentials. Click here if you missed Essentials Part 1.

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Directed by Sergio Leone

“There’s two kinds of people in this world my friend: those with loaded guns and those who dig. You dig.”

THE GOOD THE BAD AND THE UGLY (1966, Dir: Sergio Leone)

Why you need to have it: The most pivotal spaghetti western ever told, Quentin Tarantino‘s absolute favorite and the movie that changed the face of modern western cinema forever. The BluRay gets the most out of its 2007 restoration and offers a series of interesting extras. If you have a large screen TV, the standard DVD just doesn’t do it justice.
UPDATE: We have now learned that MGM pretty much bungled this HD transfer and fans should actually keep away from this one until something better arrives.


Directed by Sergio Leone

“People scare better when they’re dying.”

ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST (1969, Dir: Sergio Leone)

Why you need to have it: Sebastian’s favorite spaghetti western of them all is finally hitting HD, and if there is only minor improvement over the Paramount releases on DVD that have seen their gazillionth re-release, then this should be a feast! A movie so cinematic it will make your heart cry, it simply must be as pretty as possible, so you can see the makeup on Cardinale’s face, or the wrinkles around Harmonica’s eyes.


Starring Al Pacino

“I always tell the truth. Even when I lie.”

SCARFACE: Limted Edition (1983, Dir: Brian DePalma)

Why you need to have it: This remake of Howard Hawks’ 1932 gangster classic has since become an iconic pop culture legend. Al Pacino stars as Tony Montana a Cuban criminal who arrives in Florida, fresh off the boat after escaping Castro’s dictatorial reign. Once in Miami, Tony begins a quick rise to the top of the cities burgeoning drug business. He becomes a major coke kingpin but soon his personal demons begin to consume him leading him down a path of violent self destruction. Co-starring Michelle Pfeiffer, Steven Bauer and Robert Loggia. Screenplay by Oliver Stone. The film has been released several times on DVD in a variety of editions, but not until this year will longtime fans get to experience the film in a brand new exceptional hi-definition video transfer and multi-audio mix. A special re-release for the crime film/Blu Ray enthusiast.

Special Features include: A newly restored, high-resolution, high-definition picture and 7.1 audio. Exclusive new bonus content created especially for this release. For a limited time only, ‘Scarface Special Limited Edition’ Blu-ray comes with collectible SteelBook packaging, ten exclusive art cards, a digital copy of the film and a DVD of the original 1932 ‘Scarface,’. And, for the ultimate collector and cigar enthusiast, an elegantly hand-crafted Scarface-themed humidor will be made available in an exclusive, never-before-available, limited edition. Created by the renowned Daniel Marshall, the humidor’s exterior is hand painted and polished with the Marshall’s trademark “1000 coat brilliant finish.” The interior – made with untreated Spanish cedar – will properly condition and age approximately 100 cigars at optimal humidity levels. Limited to 1,000 worldwide, each individually numbered humidor comes embellished with custom medallions inspired by the iconic film and includes a certificate of authenticity.


Directed by Alfred Hitchcock

“They’re probably watching me. Well, let them. Let them see what kind of a person I am. I’m not even going to swat that fly. I hope they are watching… they’ll see. They’ll see and they’ll know, and they’ll say, “Why, she wouldn’t even harm a fly…”

PSYCHO: 50th Anniversary Edition (1960, Dir: Alfred Hitchcock)

Why you need to have it: Our second Hitchcock entry is a story about Norman Bates (Anthony Perkins) a reclusive hotel owner who appears to be normal…but deep down he hides a dark secret. When a young woman (Janet Leigh) on the run from the law stops in for the night, a twisted two faced tale of murder begins. Co-starring Martin Balsam, Vera Miles and Simon Oakland. Score by Bernard Herrmann. This “godfather of the slasher film” is one of Alfred Hitchcock’s most notable and iconic works. While the movie was initially just a low budget project it went on to become a true benchmark ushering in the modern age of horror cinema. The black and white cinematography has been remastered bringing the dark tale about a man’s split personality to another level of high contrast visual beauty. Get yourself some crackers and peanut butter and enjoy!

Special Features include: Audio Commentary – Stephen Rebello/Documentary: “The Making of ‘Psycho/Featurette: “Psycho Sound/Featurette: “In the Master’s Shadow: Hitchcock’s Legacy/Hitchcock/Truffaut/Newsreel Footage: The Release of ‘Psycho/The Shower Scene: With and Without Music/The Shower Sequence: Storyboards by Saul Bass/The ‘Psycho’ Archives/Posters and ‘Psycho’ Ads/Lobby Cards/Behind the Scenes Photographs/Publicity Shots/Theatrical Trailer/Re-Release Trailers


Directed by Sam Peckinpah

“When you side with a man, you stay with him! And if you can’t do that, you’re like some animal, you’re finished! We’re finished! All of us!”

THE WILD BUNCH: The Director’s Cut (1969, Dir: Sam Peckinpah)

Why you need to have it: Sam Peckinpah’s whiskey soaked, ultra-violent western is a visionary masterpiece which focuses on the death of the old way of life for a group of outlaws in the early 1900s. Peckinpah also used the story as an allegory for The Vietnam War and a way to help audiences find a kind of cathartic release through the images of violence he brought to the screen. The use of extended slow motion during many of the gunfights is turned into a twisted bloody balletic spectacle. This is one of the essential western genre titles to have in any film collection. Starring William Holden, Ernest Borgnine, Edmond O’Brien, Warren Oates and Ben Johnson.

Special Features include: Commentary with Sam Peckinpah biographers/documentarians Nick Redman, Paul Seydor, Gamer Simmons, and David Weddle/ Sam Peckinpah’s West: Legacy of a Hollywood Renegade/Excerpt from A Simple Adventure: Sam Peckinpah, Mexico, and the Wild Bunch/Additional Scenes/Sam Peckinpah Trailer Gallery featuring trailers for ‘The Wild Bunch,’ ‘Ride the High Country,’ ‘The Getaway,’ ‘The Ballad of Cable Hogue,’ and ‘Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid.’ (Note that all of the videos listed above are presented in 480i only.)


American Graffiti Blu Ray

“Say, I like the color of your car there, man. What’s that s’posed to be? Sort of a cross between piss yella’ and puke green ain’t it?”

AMERICAN GRAFFITI: Special Edition (1973, Dir: George Lucas)

Why you need to have it: George Lucas’ second feature was a big hit that brought back the wild cruisin’ days of his youth to the big screen. It’s not only a personal work but a comical, touching ride through one night in the lives in a group of friends going their separate ways after high school and an enduring piece of American cinematic pop culture history. The film features a cast of great actors including Ron Howard, Richard Dreyfus, Harrison Ford, Paul LeMat and Cindy Williams.

Special Features include: The Making of American Graffiti/additional screen tests/the theatrical trailer/Video Commentary with George Lucas/U-Control: The Music of American Graffiti/My Scenes/Pocket Blu/BD-Live functionality.


Kiss Me Deadly Blu Ray

“Kiss me, Mike. I want you to kiss me. Kiss me. The liar’s kiss that says I love you, and means something else.”

KISS ME DEADLY: Criterion Collection – (1955, Dir: Robert Aldrich)

Why you need to have it: We couldn’t make our list without including one of cinema’s greatest film noir crime thrillers based on the book by Mickey Spillane. Ralph Meeker stars as Mike Hammer, a hardboiled private eye who finds himself caught up in a deadly mystery surrounding a mysterious box that holds a furious energy. When you’re in the mood to get into gumshoe mode, the hi-def Criterion edition is a perfect way to revisit and celebrate this 50s masterpiece!

Special Features include: Audio commentary by film noir specialists Alain Silver and James Ursini; Theatrical trailer; New video tribute from director Alex Cox (Repo Man, Walker); Excerpts from The Long Haul of A. I. Bezzerides, a 2005 documentary on the Kiss Me Deadly screenwriter; Excerpts from Mike Hammer’s Mickey Spillane, a 1998 documentary on the author whose book inspired the film; A look at the film’s locations; Alternate ending; and a booklet featuring an essay by critic J. Hoberman and a 1955 reprint by director Robert Aldrich.


Back To the Future Trilogy Blu Ray

“Last night, Darth Vader came down from planet Vulcan and told me that if I didn’t take Lorraine out that he’d melt my brain.”

BACK TO THE FUTURE: 25th Anniversary Trilogy (1985-1989/Dir: Robert Zemeckis)

Why you need to have it: In the 1980s few films made more of a pop cultural impact as this beloved science fiction/action adventure/comedy classic starring Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly a young rebel whose friend, eccentric scientist Dr. Emmett Brown (Christopher Lloyd) creates a time machine out of a DeLorean sportscar. Marty and Doc Brown get thrown into an epic journey through time as they maneuver their way in and out of the many troubles they find themselves in  because of their disruption of the time continuum. Co- starring Crispin Glover, Lea Thompson, Thomas F. Wilson. In addition to the three movies, there are tons and tons of special features.


Superman: Motion Picture Collection Blu Ray

“You will travel far, my little Kal-El. But we will never leave you… even in the face of our death. The richness of our lives shall be yours. All that I have, all that I’ve learned, everything I feel… all this, and more, I… I bequeath you, my son. You will carry me inside you, all the days of your life. You will make my strength your own, and see my life through your eyes, as your life will be seen through mine. The son becomes the father, and the father the son. This is all I… all I can send you, Kal-El.”

SUPERMAN: The Motion Picture Anthology – (1978 – 2006)

Why you need to have it: Comic book/super hero film fans can finally rejoice, the long awaited ultra cool collection of Superman movies is here! This magnificent release comes packed with all kinds of incredibly expansive special features and covers in-depth, the legacy of The Man of Steel from his inception in the 1930s to his last film incarnation: Superman Returns. The 8 discs are chock full of extras, too, that will keep you busy for weeks. A must own for fans.

Heat Blu Ray

“I do what I do best, I take scores. You do what you do best, try to stop guys like me.”

HEAT (1995, Dir: Michael Mann)

Why you need to have it: A furious modern crime classic that features an all star cast of actors including Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro, Val Kilmer and Jon Voight. Michael Mann brings together all the essential elements: solid performances, beautiful direction and cinematography, fast paced thrills and plenty of high octane, violent action which includes an epic machine gun battle in the streets of L.A. Special note to film geeks: this is also the first film that Pacino and DeNiro had been in together since The Godfather Pt 2 and features a memorable face/off between the two acting legends.

Special features include: New content changes supervised by director Michael Mann/Commentary by Writer/Producer/Director Michael Mann/11 Additional Scenes/5 Revealing Documentaries: True Crime: Recalling the Real-Life Chicago Cop and Criminal Whose Exploits Inspired the Movie
-Crime Stories: The Screenplay’s 20-Year History and How the Movie Finally Got Greenlit/Into the Fire: Filming in L.A., Cast Training, Shooting the Climactic Downtown Heist and Post-Production/Pacino and De Niro: The Conversation: Anatomy of This Historic On-Screen Showdown/Return to the Scene of the Crime: Revisiting the Film’s Real-Life L.A. Locations Years Later.
Theatrical Trailers.

The Edge Blu Ray

“What one man can do another can do!”

THE EDGE (1997, Dir: Lee Tamahori)

Why you need to have it: Sir Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin deliver equally brilliant performances as two men in love with the same woman that suddenly find themselves stuck in a fight for survival in the Alaskan wilderness after their plane crashes on a business related excursion. While this film is not as well known as most of the titles we’ve chosen, we’re really big fans of it at FC and we can honestly say it’s one of the most entertaining adventure films from recent years. One of those movies you can easily get into and enjoy anytime. Also the screenplay is by the great David Mamet, so you know it’s good stuff..

Alien Anthology Blu

“Get away from her, you bitch!”

ALIEN ANTHOLOGY – (Alien/Aliens/Alien 3/Alien: Ressurrection)

Why you need to have it: We don’t need to tell you too much about this one only because if you watch movies at all you already know the Alien film franchise is one of the most popular to ever be produced by the studios. This is an ultimate collector’s edition that contains the first four films in the series as well as a truly mindblowing amount of special features that will satisfy even the grumpiest movie nerd. Science fiction/horror/action packed thrills aplenty!!

Special Features include: 6 discs packed with alternate cuts of the films, commentaries, featurettes and much more. You could spend days going through all these!!

Fight Club Blu Ray

“Fuck off with your sofa units and string green stripe patterns, I say never be complete, I say stop being perfect, I say let… lets evolve, let the chips fall where they may.”

FIGHT CLUB: 10th Anniversary Edition (1999, Dir: David Fincher)

Why you need to have it: Generation X’ers got their own grunge cinema classic in David Fincher’s biting black psychological comedy (based on the book by Chuck Paluhniuk) about a lonely businessman (Edward Norton) who along with the help of his new nihilistic pal Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt) start a secret club for misanthropes that need something to live for/belong to. How do they accomplish this? By beating the anxiety ridden shit out of each other. It’s a furious work of pop culture cinema that will stay with you like a bloodstain on your best white shirt.

Special Features include: Forced Trailer: BD Consumer Trailer/Commentary by David Fincher/Commentary by David Fincher, Brad Pitt, Edward Norton and Helena Bonham Carter/Commentary by Chuck Palahniuk and Jim Uhls/Commentary by Alex McDowell, Jeff Cronenweth, Michael Kaplan and Kevin Haug/A Hit In The Ear: Ren Klyce and the sound design of Fight Club/Welcome to Fight Clu/Angel Faces Beatin/The Crash/Tyler’s Goodbye/Insomniac Mode: Jack’s Index, Commentary Index, Topic Search/Guys Choice Award/Work: Production, Visual Effects, On Location/7 Deleted Scenes and Alternate Scenes/Trailer Farm: Theatrical Teaser, Theatrical Trailer, The 8 Rules of Fight Club/12 TV Spots/PSAs./Music Video/5 Internet Spots/Promotional Gallery/Edward Norton Interview/Art Gallery/BD+/BD-Live Ready Bootstrap.


The Seven Samurai Criterion Blu Ray

“What’s the use of worrying about your beard when your head’s about to be taken?”

THE SEVEN SAMURAI: Criterion Collection (1954, Dir: Akira Kurosawa)

Why you need to have it: This tale about a group of misfit samurai who are hired to protect a small village from outlaws could be considered the granddaddy of the modern action film. It was later remade as a western The Magnificent Seven, but that film, even with its all star cast, never recaptured the  incredible amount of humor, emotion and engaging wit that this Japanese original has. The movie is one of the greatest films ever made. Any self respecting film lover simply needs to own it.

Special Features include: Restored, high-definition digital transfer/Audio commentaries by film scholars/Audio commentary by Japanese film expert Michael Jeck/Fifty-minute documentary on the making of Seven Samurai/My Life in Cinema, a two-hour video conversation with Oshima and Kurosawa/”Seven Samurai”: Origins and Influences, a documentary/Theatrical trailers and teaser/Gallery of rare posters and behind-the-scenes and production stills/PLUS: A booklet featuring essays by Kenneth Turan, Peter Cowie and more.


Beverly Hills Cop Blu Ray

“This is the cleanest and nicest police car I’ve ever been in in my life. This thing’s nicer than my apartment.”

BEVERLY HILLS COP (1984, Dir: Martin Brest)

Why you need to have it: In the early 80s, Hollywood was looking for a new take on the crime-action genre film. This movie in particular is one of the first great entries from Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer who went on to be two of the biggest high concept producers of their time. Eddie Murphy plays Axel Foley a Detroit cop who travels to Beverly Hills to investigate the murder of his childhood friend. What follows is a fast paced movie that mixes themes of commraderie and humor and Eddie Murphy at his best in the center of it all. There’s also a super soundtrack that keeps the action moving to a furiously cool rhythm featuring artists like Harold Faltermeyer, Patti LaBelle, The Pointer Sisters and Glenn Frey.

Special Features include: Audio Commentary by Director Martin Brest/Beverly Hills Cop – The Phenomenon Begins retrospective/A Glimpse Inside the Casting Process/The Music of Beverly Hills Cop/Location Map is a Hi-Def map that shows the filming locations with yellow circle locations (seven) listed which link to video interviews with the Production Designer Angelo P. Graham.

Evil Dead 2 Blu Ray


EVIL DEAD II (1987, Dir: Sam Raimi)

Why you need to have it: We know you’re probably looking for some more horror on our list. Well we couldn’t pick a more entertaining, gory gem than this one right here. While this sequel is basically a remake of The Evil Dead, it’s got even better production value and manages to fine tune the first films best qualities to sharper levels. Sam Raimi brought an all out energized vision to the screen mixing comedy and horror and the result is a slice of “splatstick” heaven. Geek Note: This is the perfect type of crazy film to watch when friends are over having some drinks.

Special features: Widescreen Presentation; Audio Commentary with Writer/Director Sam Raimi, Star Bruce Campbell, Co-Writer Scott Spiegel and Special Make-Up Effects Artist Greg Nicotero; EVIL DEAD II: Behind-The-Screams; The Gore The Merrier

The Last Waltz Blu Ray

“When we were working with Bob Dylan and we moved to Woodstock, everybody referred to us as the band. He called us the band, our friends called us the band, our neighbors called us the band.”

THE LAST WALTZ (1976, Dir: Martin Scorsese)

Why you need to have it: We couldn’t leave music related titles off our list so first up we’ve got one of the all time great concert films which documents the final performance of the classic rock group The Band. The house really gets a-rockin’ when their friends (who happen to be music legends) are invited onstage with them to play. These folks include: Van Morrison, Eric Clapton, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young and Bob Dylan just to name a few. To watch this in hi-definition and surround sound will only make this hard rockin’ soulful Scorsese directed classic all the more exciting!

Special Features include: Audio commentary with Scorsese and Robbie Robertson/20-minute featurette “Revisiting ‘The Last Waltz.”

Woodstock Blu Ray

“Good morning! What we have in mind is breakfast in bed for four hundred thousand.”

WOODSTOCK: 40th Anniversary Edition (1970, Dir: Michael Wadleigh)

Why you need to have it: When it comes to rock n’ roll concert documentaries, this is the ultimate epic of them all and that’s why we picked it for our second music themed entry. And no folks you don’t have to be a dirty, acid tripping hippie to take in the peace lovin’ sights and sounds that will come through your home theater system. Light some incense, scatter some flowers, and CRANK IT UP!

Special Features include: Amazon-exclusive bonus content (included on disc 2) with never-before-seen performance footage in hi-def from Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, and Country Joe and the Fish plus three bonus featurettes/Lucite display with images from the festival/60-page commemorative LIFE Magazine reprint/Iron-on Woodstock patch/Woodstock fact sheet/Reproductions of festival memorabilia, including handwritten notes and a three-day ticket/New retrospective: The Museum at Bethel Woods: The Story of the Sixties and Woodstock/Woodstock: Untold Stories: Over two hours of never-before-seen musical performances by Joan Baez, Paul Butterfield, Canned Heat, Joe Cocker, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Mountain, Santana, Sha Na Na, the Who, and Johnny Winter (Exclusive to Blu-ray: customize your own Woodstock playlist)/Woodstock: From Festival to Feature: comprehensive featurette gallery chronicling the festival and the filming from start to finish, interwoven with interviews from Martin Scorsese, Grace Slick, director Michael Wadleigh, Woodstock Festival executive producer Michael Lang, and more.


Shawshank Redemption Blu Ray

“Get busy livin’ or get busy dyin’.”

THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION (1994, Dir: Frank Darabont)

Why you need to have it: A quiet accountant named Andy Dufresne (Tim Robbins) is falsely accused of murdering his wife and her lover and sent to Shawshank prison. There he becomes friends with a group of convicts including Red (Morgan Freeman) and affects them with his outlook on living life with an undying sense of pride and honor. The film mixes themes of hope, love, retribution and friendship in a powerful, deeply affecting way. Stephen King’s personal take on the prison film genre is one for the ages and ultimately a really special feel good movie.

Special Features: Commentary by Writer/Director Frank Darabont/2 Documentaries: Hope Springs Eternal: A Look Back at the Shawshank Redemption & Shawshank: The Redeeming Feature/The Charlie Rose Show Segment Featuring Darabont, Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman/Comic Spoof: The Sharktank Redemption/Stills and Collectibles Galleries/Theatrical Trailer.


Do the Right Thing Blu Ray

“Whoa. Y’all take a chill. You got to cool that shit off. And that’s the double-truth, Ruth.”

DO THE RIGHT THING (1989, Dir: Spike Lee)

Why you need to have it: Spike Lee’s story about a group of residents of the Bed-Stuy area of Brooklyn gave audiences an explosive and confrontational look at the topic of race in America. Lee uncovers the ugly and often comical truth of peoples inner thoughts and feelings towards each other ultimately creating a cathartic and highly emotional film that, at its roots, is inspired by both the teachings of Martin Luther King (peace) and Malcolm X (self defense). It’s a powerful and deeply moving work that will resonate forever. It features an amazing cast including: Rosie Perez, Samuel L. Jackson, Ruby Dee, Ossie Davis, Danny Aiello, Giancarlo Esposito and John Turturro.

Special Features include: BD-Live/Do The Right Thing: 20 Years Later an brand new retrospective/Deleted & Extended Scenes/20th Anniversary Edition Feature Audio Commentary by Director Spike Lee is brand new/Feature Audio Commentary with Director Spike Lee, Director of Photography Ernest Dickerson, Production Designer Wynn Thomas and Actor Joie Lee (from the previous DVD release)/Behind the Scenes/Making Do The Right Thing (from previous DVD releases). Includes Spike Lee Intro and Back to Bed-Stuy/Cannes 1989/Editor Barry Brown/The Riot Sequence (storyboards)/Theatrical Trailer and two TV Spots.


This is Spinal Tap Blu Ray

“It’s such a fine line between stupid and clever.”

THIS IS SPINAL TAP (1984, Dir: Rob Reiner)

Why you need to have it: We had to shine our spotlight on this furiously funny, groundbreaking mockumentary from the comic minds of Christopher Guest, Harry Shearer, Rob Reiner and Michael McKean. The film follows Spinal Tap, a fictional British hard rock group as they play a tour of America and elsewhere. It’s a hysterical look at the band members’ wacky personalities and their turbulent, misguided life out on the road. Tap has become a most special piece of cinema/comedy/music/pop culture history over the years. For movie fans who love witty, unique comedies, it doesn’t get much better. Geek Trivia: Many of the scenes were actually improvised.

Special Features include: Audio Commentary by Spinal Tap/Catching Up With Marty Dibergi/Rare Outtakes/Vintage ‘Tap’ Materials/Music Videos: includes 4 music videos, Gimme Some Money, (Listen to the) Flower People, Hell Hole, and Big Bottom/Promotional Materials/Commercials.


Starship Troopers Blu Ray

“The only good bug is a DEAD bug!”

STARSHIP TROOPERS (1997, Dir: Paul Verhoeven)

Why you need to have it: Starship Troopers is more than a guilty pleasure, it’s the penultimate satire of militarism, and one hell of a sci fi adventure, full of excitement. There are many cheesy moments, plenty of nudity, crazy battles and it features thousands of alien arachnoids. Touted as a b-movie by many, this Paul Verhoeven epic will go down as one of the most daring sci-fi sagas of all time. At least for those who get the critical subtext and the irony. For those who don’t get it, they will only see soldiers with small guns fighting ridiculous aliens. Shame on them. “Come on you apes, you wanna live forever!?”

Special Features include: Blu-ray Exclusive: FedNet Mode – Bonus View/Picture-in-Picture with Enhanced Graphics/Blu-ray Exclusive:/Recruitment Test/Director and Cast Commentary/Commentary with Paul Verhoeven and Ed Neumeier/Death from Above/Know Your Foe: Bug Profiles/The Spaceships of Starship Troopers/FX Comparisons/Storyboard Comparisons/The Making of Starship Troopers/Scene Development: Tanker Bug Ride with Commentary by Paul Verhoeven/Behind the Scenes: Rodger Young Destroyed with Commentary by Paul Verhoeven/Deleted Scenes/Screen Tests/Bug Test Film: “Don’t Look Now”.

The Thin Red Line Blu Ray

“War don’t ennoble men. It turns them into dogs… poisons the soul.”

THE THIN RED LINE: Criterion Collection (1998, Dir: Terrence Malick)

Why you need to have it: This film was nominated for the best picture Oscar alongside Saving Private Ryan and neither of them won (it went to some shitty Shakespeare movie). Whatever, Academy. The Thin Red line is a gorgeous cinematic lovefest, and a deep critique of war and killing. Where Saving Private Ryan pulls out all stops in terms of the Normandy battle, Malick’s vision of the Pacific side of the war shows the madness and the devastation of nature. It is a beautiful movie that would surely benefit from a few deleted scenes being unearthed, but at least Criterion is taking it up and presenting it the way it should be.

Special Features include: New, restored high-definition digital transfer/New audio commentary featuring John Toll, Jack Fisk, and Grant Hill/Outtakes from the film/Video interviews with several of the film’s actors and crew/New video interview with casting director Dianne Crittenden/World War II newsreels featuring footage from Guadalcana/Original theatrical traile/PLUS: A booklet featuring an essay by film critic David Sterrit.

Deliverance Blu Ray

“Talk about genetic deficiencies-isn’t that pitiful?”

DELIVERANCE (1972, Dir: John Boorman)

Why you need to have it: Based on the best selling novel by James Dickey, Director John Boorman created one of the all time great adventure-thrillers ever brought to the big screen. The story follows four friends (Burt Reynolds, Jon Voight, Ned Beatty, Ronny Cox) who decide to go on a weekend canoe trip down a Georgia river and end up in a fight for their lives when they encounter two deranged mountain men who turn their good ol time into a nightmare. Out of their element and vulnerable to attack, the group are forced to use their basic primal instincts to survive.

Special Features include: A newly-produced documentary running 55 minutes and divided into four parts: “The Beginning”, “The Journey”, “Betraying the River” and “Delivered”/A new screen-specific audio commentary with John Boorman/Original 1972 featurette “The Dangerous World of Deliverance” /Original Theatrical Trailer. (none of the video-based extras are presented in full high-def, only windowboxed 4:3).


Die Hard

DIE HARD (1988 / John McTiernan)

“Yippie kae-yay motherfucker”

Why you need to have it: Last but not least, one of the ultimate 80s actioners. John McClane is the worst nightmare for a bunch of German terrorists threatening to blow up the Nakatomi plaza. Armed with a beretta (and then a machine gun, hohoho), barefeet, with a white dirty shirt and equipped with a zippo lighter, he goes medieval on their asses. The ultimate christmas movie, full of cool action, great lines and nice music. The BluRay does the movie justice and delivers the full action to your living room.



The Whole Bloody Affair

“You didn’t think it was going to be that easy did you?”

KILL BILL: THE WHOLE BLOODY AFFAIR (2003-04, Dir: Quentin Tarantino)

Why we want it: This exploitation film epic is a very special entry in Tarantino‘s career. It was an amalgam of all the kinds of classic B-films he cherishes which resulted in a new and exhilarating spin only he could deliver. The film has been released on DVD in it’s original 2 part theatrical presentation in several formats but at Cannes Tarantino finally screened the ultimate director’s cut which altered several parts of the movie and most importantly let it play as one single film (as intended). Kill Bill fans will no doubt want to own this complete beautifully bloody version of his grindhouse magnum opus in a high definition edition. Make it so!




Editor-In-Chief of The Grindhouse Cinema Database/Furious Cinema contributor. Pete is a rabid movie geek who enjoys everything from wild n' crazy exploitation/cult flix to big budget mainstream classics. His other interests include: graphic design, cartooning and music.

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