You Named it! Things about movies that make you FURIOUS!

On March 3rd, we asked you on our Facebook Page (here’s the original posting) what the two things were in movies today that make you furious. We asked “Quick! Name two things about movies today that make you mad as hell! Clock is ticking….” and over 30 of your posted replies. Here is aslittle summary (we tried to rank a bit) of what you all posted. In the meantime, on our Facebook Page, there’s a new challenge (click here) that we would love to hear your input on.

Your replies (more or less sorted from most often named to less):

1. Remakes

2. Too much CGI

3. Lack of creativity

4. Michael Bay

5. Same old stories

The rest in no particular order and more or less directly quoted from your comments 😉

Chris Nolan

– A prequel and/or sequel to Blade Runner

– Bad dialogue delivered by bad actors

– Bad acting

– Stereotypical casting

– all the terrible “Disney Original movie” shit for teenagers

– the MPAA

– Uwe Boll

– really shitty remakes (Merlin 2 Merlin’s apprentice)

– Repeating pattern of releases (human suffering and redemption tales to bag awards and crap)

– When a trailer shows every single plot twist and makes the film not worth seeing

– Jason Friedberg & Aaron Seltzer

– That movies like Twilight get to be popular

– Twilight-related stuff ( ” somebody please ban the twilight actors. No1. #pissoffs “)

– Not enough R rated action movies

– Not enough nudity and violence

– Absolutely shitty horror movies

– Good actors/actresses in rom-coms (Amy Adams…Leap Year, Jack Nicholson.. How do you know) ….I want to see them, but I just can’t sit through the rom-coms anymore

– Harry Potter, Twilight, Disney?

– Every semi successful comic book getting raped on the big screen, enough already!

– Action films like Crank and Taken. I miss like Charlie Bronson or Maurizio Merli that were the real thing

– CGI, suck-ass remakes & pretty teen vampires!! I miss Christopher Lee, Count Yorga, Charles Bronson, pre-Scream slasher films, 70s/80s urban action revenge films like Savage Streets & movies w/balls, heart & at least a little creativity!!

There is not much to add to this furious list of things that make you furious about movies. Now, of course there is tons of good shit out there, and that was not the point of the exercise. Talk back in the comments below, let us know what fell under the table, which of these points you don’t find that bad, and so on. See you soon with more surveys!

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2 Responses

  1. lmao @ “all the original Disney Original Movie shit for teenagers”. This is hilarious.

  2. Cajarman says:

    PG-13 ratings and the need to beat a dead horse
    with a franchise….or reboot…whatever they wanna
    call it…but, hey, ya gotta keep the money comin
    in somehow.

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