Who’s Hollywood’s biggest biker badass?

We’ve previously made it clear that we love biker movies (our list of biker gang films, . There’s something unique about them that make them a mix between helicopter movies, western movies and road movies (our list of road movies, our list of more road movies). They’re about freedom, conflict, violence and change. What Easy Rider set in motion is still being felt by the movie industry today. Not every film protagonist with a motorcycle is an icon (the following infographic will illustrate that), but there’s something iconic about riding a bike…..

Who is Hollywood's Biggest Biker Badass?
The Hollywood Biker infographic was developed by BikeBandit.com



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2 Responses

  1. Jack Deth says:

    Bah! and Fie! I say unto you guys!

    If you are looking for multiple motorcycle bad asses in one film.I would proffer a title from the 1970s. ‘The Losers’. or ‘Nam Angels’. Where William Smith and Adam Roarke lead a group of L.A. bikers who are recruited by Bernie Hamiliton to go to Cambodia and rescue an low tier embassy staff member with connections to the CIA
    from the clutches of the NVA.

    Granted. their bikes are Yamaha dirt type. All are tricked out with armor, M-16s, M-60s and assorted rockets.

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