Waxwork Records wants you to come out and play with THE WARRIORS

Waxwork Records who recently re-released the brilliant TAXI DRIVER soundtrack, have another special treat for film geeks on the way: the original full score to Walter Hill’s 1979 cult classic THE WARRIORS.


THE WARRIORS centers on a tough street gang from Coney Island who are framed by rivals for the killing of Cyrus (Roger Hill) a chieftain trying to create a truce by bringing all the gangs in the city together. With nowhere to run and no place to hide, The Warriors find themselves under attack by the other gangs who assume they are guilty and want to take them out. It becomes a deadly game of survival as they try to make their way home without being offed or arrested.


OFFICIAL SYNOPSIS: Waxwork Records is excited to announce our long awaited release of THE WARRIORS. This expanded, deluxe double LP is three years in the making and features the re-mastered 1979 original soundtrack, in addition to, the vinyl debut of the complete film score by Barry DeVorzon.

Directed by Walter Hill and based off of the 1965 novel by Sol Yurick of the same name, THE WARRIORS is the absolute definition of an influential cult-classic film. THE WARRIORS has permeated the landscape of pop culture, music, film, fashion, comics, and video games.

THE WARRIORS will be available in a variety of variants for all you boppers out there. Here are the details for all of you with an ear for the action:

Each variant available includes audio that has been sourced directly from the original master tapes for a brand new transfer, and then mastered for vinyl by former White Zombie guitarist, J. Yuenger. Includes a heavyweight insert with photography and credits. Artwork by Marvel Comics illustrator, Dave Rapoza. All housed in an old-style tip-on gatefold jacket. VISIT THE OFFICIAL SITE TO ORDER




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