This SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING concept artwork is spectacular

I’ve been a MARVEL COMICS fan now for over 35 years. I began my journey into super hero geekdom through a specific character. One you probably know very well. That character was THE AMAZING SPIDER MAN. When I was really young (around 4 or 5), I was obsessed with the live-action TV series which starred Nicholas Hammond. I also watched the cartoons (the 60s and 80s versions) and collected various Spidey comics. Later on, I saw the films directed by Sam Raimi (Darkman) and was thrilled by how awesome his take was on the character. For me, the tone and style of them was perfect. They remain some of my all time favorite super hero films.

Now that Spidey has FINALLY come home to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I’m feeling that same appreciation and joy I got from the character once again.

The latest concept art by artist Ryan Meinerding is simply superb. Spidey vs his fowl foe THE VULTURE (to be played by Birdman himself, Michael Keaton). Vulture’s mechanized suit design is off the chain. Check those funky talon boots!

Tom Holland’s cameo as Peter/Spidey in CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR was really impressive so I’m truly excited to see him reprise the role in SPIDER MAN: HOMECOMING where he’ll be the main focus.

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