Scorsese shows Oliver Stone who’s boss in WOLF OF WALL STREET trailer

In the 80s, Oliver Stone‘s cynical look at turbo capitalism in Wall Street (1987) was widely lauded as a seminal movie that gained cult status, and bolstered the careers of Michael Douglas and Charlie Sheen (aka Carlos Estevez). Stone’s recent sequel Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps however was a lackluster reboot that lacked the original’s knack for contemporary social critique and the cult impact. In the 80s, getting rich quick and being greedy was cool, the movie built on that. The sequel was meant to demonize the origins of today’s financial crisis but it ended up being an empty shell. Films like Margin Call did a better job there. Especially Oliver Stone should have known better. He had made numerous furious movies with a lot more energy on political topics.

Enter Martin Scorsese, who’s The Wolf of Wall Street stars Leonardo di Caprio and a host of funny and/or good looking and/or super creative talents on screen very soon, on the same topic. There is no reason for me to continue typing – or for you to continue reading, if you even read this far. The trailer is an absolute knock-out. Perfect trailer craftsmanship, and the movie promises to be classic Scorsese: dramatic, fast paced, amazing actors and dialogue, and a pinch of satire.



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