SCENES OF THE CRIME: Crime Film Blog-a-thon (Dec 1 – April 30)

Furious Cinema and our partners in crime Criminal Movies and Seetimaar – Diary of A Movie Lover are very happy to announce the Scenes of The Crime Blog-A-Thon which will be held from December 1, 2012 to April 30th, 2013. We are hoping all film bloggers who love international crime cinema will take part in this online celebration with us. Reviews, Articles, Tributes, Videos are all welcome. We will also be categorizing every film that is contributed into subgenre lists (revenge, mobsters, heist, police procedurals etc) to make things more quickly accessible to readers.



CRIMINAL MOVIES has been around since 2009. Created and maintained by Brent Allard, the site looks at anti heroes in film as mirrors for the old hero myths. Whether film noir, neo noir, action film, Hollywood blockbuster, or obscure indie gems, there are more films in this category than you might think and increasing every day. Criminal Movies provides in depth looks at films, and occasional top ten lists for a lighter read now and then.

MASALA CORNER (sister site of Seetimaar – Diary of A Film Lover) is a site dedicated to capturing Indian popular cinema (Hindi, Tamil, Telugu), in all it’s glory. Masala Cinema is the Indian equivalent of the pop corn/grindhouse genre of cinema in the West.

Also Endorsed by MOVIE BLOGGERS NETWORK: Home to movie bloggers around the world!


If you want to take part in the blogathon you just need to choose your favorite banner (below) or create your own and place it in your blog post as a visual link back to us. We’ll be promoting this event on our Facebook and Twitter over the coming months. If you’re on Twitter please use the hashtag #scenesofthecrime so we can keep a special separate feed going on this upcoming project. You can also follow the latest tweets HERE

There will be a second official blog entry on our site in December with the email address where you can send your relevant info. This is where all contributors’ blog post links will be featured as well.

In closing we hope everyone has a great time with us on this tribute to one of our favorite film genres. Please help us spread the word. Thanks in advance for participating!

PROMOTIONAL BADGES & BANNERS (Please resize if needed)

Get Carter theme

King of New York theme

Chinatown theme

Donnie Brasco theme

GoodFellas theme

Once Upon a Time in America theme

Scarface theme

Reservoir Dogs theme

Reservoir Dogs Colors Theme

Carlito's Way theme

The Usual Suspects theme

Fargo theme

Killing Them Softly theme

No Country For Old Men theme

Yakuza theme 1

Yakuza theme 2

Yakuza theme 3

Black Rain theme

Death Wish theme

Year of the Dragon theme

The Untouchables theme

Walking Tall Theme

Training Day theme

The Killers theme

New Jack City theme

White Heat theme

Heat theme

The Town theme

Hard Boiled theme

Milano Calibro 9 theme

The Boss theme

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