Greetings Gangsters and Gun Molls! Welcome to the SCENES OF THE CRIME BLOG-A-THON Rendezvous! This is the home page of our celebratory online festival of crime cinema. The event will be running from DECEMBER 1, 2012 until APRIL 30, 2013 which should give participants lots of time to work with. We’ve already started a listing of categories that represent the many subgenres within the crime film family and as links are added we will adjust them accordingly.

Our partners in crime: CRIMINAL MOVIES & SEETIMAAR- DIARY OF A MOVIE LOVER will be co-hosting this blogathon.

Not only will this be a compilation of reviews, articles and other media but it will also act as a goto guide for crime film & TV show fans who want to discover what the genre has to offer. That’s the main reason why we’re leaving it up to YOU the writers to decide what movies & TV shows to cover. Our only guideline is they have to be part of the crime genre. All contributions will be posted on Furious Cinema’s Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels to help drive readers to your blogs as well. We hope this is satisfactory!

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The Outside Film presents: BADASS 70’S TV COP SHOW and CRIME MOVIE THEMES
Carol at The Cultural Gutter looks at some of her favorite CRIME COMICS
Hell in Space explores the Sci-Fi side with an article called CRIMINALS IN HELL
Citizen Screenings celebrates some of the most memorable SCENES OF THE CRIME
Once Upon a Screen presents a pictorial of early cinema’s best THUGS, MUGS & DAMES

Criminal Movies shoots it out with John Woo’s HK gun opera THE KILLER
Battle Royale With Cheese looks at the 2010 South Korean crime thriller THE MAN FROM NOWHERE
Goodbye Like a Bullet travels to Japan for a mission with Robert Mitchum in THE YAKUZA

The Outside Film has joined up with the vatos locos of AMERICAN ME
The Nitrate Diva calls the shots with BLONDIE JOHNSON a 30’s pre-code gangster gem!
The Nitrate Diva goes old school and analyzes the 30s classic BULLETS OR BALLOTS
Pete praises Abel Ferrara’s intense 1980s teen romance/turf war mashup CHINA GIRL
Pete reviews the 1997 mobster classic starring Johnny Depp DONNIE BRASCO
Pete looks back at one of his favorite Prohibition era gangster films HOODLUM
Pete looks at John Cassavetes’ 1976 indie classic THE KILLING OF A CHINESE BOOKIE
Pete reviews the film that made Edward G. Robinson famous: LITTLE CAESAR
Criminal Movies looks at James Gray’s 90’s mobster film LITTLE ODESSA starring Tim Roth
The Outside Film joins Duke Mitchell for a MASSACRE MAFIA STYLE
A Potpourri of Vestiges celebrates Sergio Leone’s ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA
The Outside Film gets some change ready to take on THE NICKEL RIDE
Goodbye Like a Bullet joins Earl, Cody and Bett as they take on THE OUTFIT
The Nitrate Diva takes us back to the silent era with Lon Chaney and THE PENALTY
The Outside Film takes a look at Michael Ritchie’s offbeat mob film PRIME CUT
Two Dudes Doing Movie Reviews celebrate Quentin Tarantino’s PULP FICTION
The Nitrate Diva travels back to the good ol’ Prohibition days with THE RACKET
Seetimaar – Diary of a Movie Lover travels down the: ROAD TO PERDITION
Aurora delivers a magnificent in-depth look at Howard Hawks’ gangster classic SCARFACE
A Potpourri of Vestiges looks at Brian DePalma’s 1983 update of SCARFACE
Pete reviews Phil Joanou’s 1990 Irish mob/undercover cop film STATE OF GRACE
Pete reviews Brian DePalma’s other “Scarface” movie THE UNTOUCHABLES
Pete looks at one of his favorite James Cagney gangster films WHITE HEAT

The Outside Film looks at the 1974 British heist comedy 11 HARROWHOUSE
The Outside Film reviews the British crime drama 44 INCH CHEST
Mondo Squallido serves up a helping of polizio goodness with THE CYNIC, THE RAT AND THE FIST
Chris at Two Dudes Doing Movie Reviews takes a look at EASTERN PROMISES
Pete celebrates the 70s Italian crime films of FERNANDO DI LEO
It Rains…You Get Wet on Mike Hodge’s 1971 British cult classic GET CARTER
Criminal Movies looks at a remake of a French New Wave classic: THE GOOD THIEF
Pete flies down to Rio to heist some priceless stones with GRAND SLAM
Battle Royale with Cheese looks at Joe Wright’s British-German action thriller HANNA
Robert at Battle Royale With Cheese visits with HARRY BROWN
Battle Royale With Cheese reviews the DVD of the 2011 British actioner JACK FALLS
Heidy at Hye’s Musings celebrates Jean-Pierre Melville’s LE SAMOURAI
Sam gets a jolt from Remy Belvaux’s 1992 mockumentary MAN BITES DOG
Knifed In Venice reviews Michele Lupo’s MEAN FRANK AND CRAZY TONY
Speakeasy finds a gem in the 1949 UK noir OBSESSION (THE HIDDEN ROOM)
The Outside Film takes aim at the 1970s French thriller THE OUTSIDE MAN
Brent at Criminal Movies explores the Danish drug underworld of PUSHER
Battle Royale with Cheese checks out the 2009 Irish revenge film SAVAGE
Pete reviews Douglas Hickox’s 1972 British revenge film SITTING TARGET
The Outside Film on the giallo-polizio mashup STRANGE SHADOWS IN AN EMPTY ROOM
Peter at Unseen Films compares/contrasts the TV and film versions of THE SWEENEY

Two Dudes Doing Movie Reviews stick it to the man with BLACK DYNAMITE
Cinema Train joins Dignam, Anthony and Bob on some crimes in BOTTLE ROCKET
Seetimaar – Diary of a Movie Lover gets a kick out of KISS KISS BANG BANG
The Outside Film takes the job with Ricky and Bobby from Jon Favreau’s MADE
Seetimaar Diary of a Movie Lover hits the road with The Duke and Jack in MIDNIGHT RUN
Criminal Movies reviews Martin McDonagh’s 2011 dark crime comedy SEVEN PSYCHOPATHS
Sam had a great time with the latest film from Martin McDonagh SEVEN PSYCHOPATHS
Be Careful! Your Hand! has a laugh attack from the black comedy SIGHTSEERS

Criminal Movies pays tribute to Terrence Malick’s debut masterpiece BADLANDS
Chris of Two Dudes Doing Movie Reviews hides all the icepicks before watching BASIC INSTINCT
Aurora praises Sidney Lumet and his final work BEFORE THE DEVIL KNOWS YOU’RE DEAD
Seetimaar – Diary of a Movie Lover on BEFORE THE DEVIL KNOWS YOU’RE DEAD
Melissa’s Imaginarium dives into the shady world of THE BIG EASY
It Rains You Get Wet looks at Howard Hawks’ film noir classic THE BIG SLEEP
Seetimaar – Diary of a Movie Lover on Brian DePalma’s 1981 thriller BLOW OUT
Seetimaar – Diary of a Movie Lover gets caught up in the sleazy BODY DOUBLE
Two Dudes Doing Movie Reviews check out the police corruption classic COPLAND
It Rains You Get Wet reviews Carl Franklin’s 90s neo-noir DEVIL IN A BLUE DRESS
Goodbye Like A Bullet puts the pedal to the metal with Walter Hill’s THE DRIVER
Pete goes on a ridealong with two officers in the LAPD until the END OF WATCH
The Outside Film gets caught up in the mystery of the 1975 neo-noir FAREWELL MY LOVELY
Seetimaar – Diary of Movie Lover looks for clues in GONE BABY GONE
It Rains You Get Wet is out to solve a case with L.A. gumshoes HICKEY & BOGGS
Seetimaar – Diary of a Movie Lover gets a bad case of INSOMNIA
Criminal Movies reviews William Friedkin’s Southern Fried potboiler KILLER JOE
The Outside Film reviews the 1995 gangster thriller KISS OF DEATH
The Outside Film on the 1973 cult classic police procedural THE LAUGHING POLICEMAN
Speakeasy Blog follows the clues in the 50’s police detective drama THE LONG ARM
A Potpourri of Vestiges goes searching for John Huston’s THE MALTESE FALCON
Goodbye Like a Bullet jumps into action with The Duke in John Sturges’ McQ
The Outside Film tracks down a foreign terrorist with the NIGHTHAWKS
Pete reviews Carl Franklin’s 1992 indie crime classic ONE FALSE MOVE
Goodbye Like a Bullet joins the kids of New Grenada as they go OVER THE EDGE
Goodbye Like a Bullet is chasin’ down the baddies with THE SEVEN-UPS
Critica Retro (Portuguese) looks at Orson Welles’ film noir masterpiece TOUCH OF EVIL
Seetimaar – Diary of a Movie Lover reviews David Fincher’s ZODIAC

The Outside Film loves the 1973 Don Siegel classic CHARLEY VARRICK
Pete checks out an overlooked 90s heist neo noir directed by John Irvin CITY OF INDUSTRY
Goodbye Like a Bullet hits the road with McQueen & McGraw in Sam Peckinpah’s THE GETAWAY
Seetimaar – Diary of a Movie Lover visits with a badass lady named JACKIE BROWN
Pulp Curry looks at both big screen versions of THE KILLERS
Steve is highly impressed with Andrew Dominik’s KILLING THEM SOFTLY
DB at Unseen Films throws into the poker pot with a review of KILLING THEM SOFTLY
Two Dudes Doing Movie Reviews check out Scott Frank’s THE LOOKOUT
Pete hitches a ride with grifters Addie and Moze in PAPER MOON
Criminal Movies sets out to search for THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES
Knifed in Venice looks back at Quentin Tarantino’s debut RESERVOIR DOGS
Goodbye Like a Bullet joins up with Max Dembo on some jobs in STRAIGHT TIME
Pete learns the fine art of safecracking from Michael Mann’s THIEF
Goodbye Like a Bullet hits the road with modern outlaws THUNDERBOLT & LIGHTFOOT

Criminal Movies is ready to cook with Jesse and Mr. White of BREAKING BAD
Criminal Movies salutes a great 70s private eye series: THE ROCKFORD FILES
Criminal Movies investigates the BBC Detective series THORNE: SLEEPYHEAD



Editor-In-Chief of The Grindhouse Cinema Database and Furious Cinema. Pete is an avid movie geek who enjoys everything from wild n' crazy exploitation and cult films to popular mainstream classics.

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