Jon Fauer A.S.C. interviewed over 100 professional cinematographers for this intriguing 2006 documentary about the art and craft of creating the overall look of the films we love. Some of the master visual artists featured include: Michael Ballhaus, Bill Bennett, Stephen H. Burum, Bill Butler, Russell Carpenter, Dean Cundey, Roger Deakins, Caleb Deschanel, Richard Edlund, William A. Fraker, Fred J. Koenekamp, László Kovács, Andrew Laszlo, Matthew Libatique, Bruce Logan, Isidore Mankofsky, Charles Minsky, Daniel Pearl, Wally Pfister, Bill Pope, Owen Roizman, Nancy Schreiber, Dean Semler, Dante Spinotti, Vittorio Storaro, John Toll, Haskell Wexler, Gordon Willis and many more.



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