The motorized maniacs are back in MAD MAX: FURY ROAD

“My world is fire and blood”

If you didn’t already know, we love the MAD MAX films. They were really one of the cornerstones of our early action film education. That’s why we’re so thrilled about the extremely long awaited follow up from Australian madman director George Miller. This movie is going to be a purely cinematic, fuel injected blow out which is something we really need as moviegoers. A return to the days when action cinema was made with a raw visceral, visual intensity you could only experience in the theater. Tom Hardy has been cast as Max, taking over the iconic role Mel Gibson made so popular decades ago. Co-starring with him is Charlize Theron as a brand new character. Get ready for a furious ride into the wasteland with some very colorful and crazy characters in classic Mad Max style!

The movie crashes into theaters May 15th.




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