Paul Thomas Anderson’s THE MASTER

After watching his last invigorating work of cinema There Will Be Blood I was really looking forward to Paul Thomas Anderson’s next project. Well, now we’ve got a new trailer for the anxiously anticipated follow up entitled The Master. First, there’s two brilliant actors Joaquin Phoenix and Phillip Seymour Hoffman in the lead parts, so that alone would make you curious to see it. Then there’s the subject matter: A story based around the beginnings of the unique religion of Scientology. Last but certainly by no means least is Anderson’s visual style which has got my film geek interest peaked. I really love pure cinema much more than all the CGI FX and BS 3D gimmicks we get bombarded with. The thought of him doing another powerful human story using the old school techniques (he’s even using one of Kubrick’s cameras) to create an enthralling, rich atmosphere while simultaneously bringing amazing performances from his cast to the screen is just very exciting to me.




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