Raquel Welch is out for revenge in the western classic HANNIE CAULDER

Olive Films’ Signature Editions label will be releasing Burt Kennedy’s 1971 western HANNIE CAULDER starring Raquel Welch on BluRay on November 15th. BUY FROM AMAZON

OFFICIAL SYNOPSIS: Revenge is a loaded gun in director Burt Kennedy’s (The Train Robbers) Hannie Caulder. Raquel Welch (One Million Years B.C.,100 Rifles, and Mother Jugs & Speed) smolders as Hannie, a widow sworn to avenge her own brutal rape and husband’s murder at the hands of Emmett (Ernest Borgnine, The Wild Bunch), Frank (Jack Elam, Once Upon A Time in the West), and Rufus (Strother Martin, Cool Hand Luke), three of the most despicable scoundrels to have ever roamed the prairie. Eager for revenge, but lacking the gunfighter’s know-how, Hannie soon discovers new confidence and skill when bounty hunter Thomas Luther Price (Robert Culp, Hickey & Boggs) teaches her the way of the gun. In no time, Hannie is strapping on her six shooter and setting out toput a few notches on its handle. Co-starring the legendary Christopher Lee (Horror of Dracula), playing against type as a sympathetic gunsmith who befriends her, Hannie Caulder hits its target from ten paces.

Special Features: NEW High-Definition digital restoration • Audio commentary by Western expert and director Alex Cox (Walker, Repo Man) • “Exploitation or Redemption?” – an examination of rape-revenge movies with film scholar Ben Sher • “A Very British Horror Studio” – interview with Sir Christopher Frayling on the history of Tigon Studios • Essay by film critic Miriam Bale • Newly commissioned artwork • Optional English SDH subtitles

Order now: From Amazon.com (see all international BluRay options at the SWDb)



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