The most popular Spaghetti Westerns of 2017

The Good the Bad and the Ugly

Here’s something you hardly see on Furious Cinema: numbers. Yes, you’ll say, “lies, damn lies, and statistics”, but here’s the thing: people love numbers. And let’s make numbers great again (for cinephiles that is). So without further ado behold the most popular spaghetti westerns of 2017.

Methodology: This is by no means a representative statistic. For the purpose of this ranking, we used Affiliate System orders for our websites Furious Cinema, The Spaghetti Western Database (of course), The Quentin Tarantino Archives, The Grindhouse Cinema Database and The Robert Rodriguez Archives. We could’ve included sales from other countries, but since USA makes up the larger sample, it’s still an enlightening base for data. We took all orders from 2017 that show up in our Affiliate system for these sites, and sorted by title. For the purpose of this ranking, DVD/BluRay/VHS etc were added. The stats were complicated by the fact that double feature DVD releases sold particularly well, so we decided to treat products as titles and ranked them all. Check out the SWDb’s pages for all spaghetti western releases world wide.

1. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (SWDb) Buy on Amazon

2. Ramon The Mexican (SWDb) & California (SWDb) Buy on Amazon

3. Sonny and Jed (SWDb) & The Ugly Ones (SWDb) Buy on Amazon

4. Blood for a Silver Dollar (SWDb) & Adios Gringo (SWDb) Buy on Amazon

5. Blindman (SWDb) Buy on Amazon

Of course, this popularity is greatly influenced by availability, but you already knew that.

6. The Big Gundown (SWDb) Buy on Amazon

7. The Wild and the Dirty (SWDb) & Chaco (SWDb) Buy on Amazon

8. Ten Killers Come from Afar (SWDb) & A Few Dollars for Django (SWDb) Buy on Amazon

9. Death Rides a Horse (SWDb) Buy on Amazon

10. The Mercenary (SWDb) Buy on Amazon

Follow-up titles are The Belle Starr Story (SWDb) & Black Jack (SWDb / Amazon), It Can be Done Amigo (SWDb / Amazon), the Trinity “Twin Pack” (SWDb / Amazon), The Brute and The Beast (SWDb / Amazon), Coffin for the Sheriff (SWDb) & Blood at Sundown (SWDb / Amazon), Get Mean (SWDb / Amazon)

If you want a more reliable curation, of course check out the SWDb’s Essential Top 20 Spaghetti Westerns list or if you’re an advanced viewer, the Alternative Top 20 maybe. Let us know below if something stood out for you and which ones you added to your collection this year.



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