Now Playing at The Paramount Vault: DEATH WISH 3

In the third installment of the popular Death Wish series, Charles Bronson returns as Paul Kersey, the notorious vigilante who after being exiled for several years, returns home to New York City. Kersey is planning to stay with an old war buddy but when he shows up, the man has been murdered by a ruthless gang. Kersey is quickly arrested and falsely accused of the crime but when the officer in charge (Ed Lauter) realizes who Kersey is, he offers him a special deal to stay out of jail. Kersey can use his unique “skills” to help wipe out the gang members wreaking havoc in the city and won’t be charged if he provides information while doing so. Kersey accepts the mission and goes right back into the war on crime operating unrestricted and deals with the lowlifes the way he knows best. Death Wish III might be one of the most over the top, un PC action films ever, but it’s also really entertaining and highly rewatchable. It’s one of our favorites at FC and it’s now available to stream from The Paramount Vault via YouTube.

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