Mad As Hell: The First Week of Furious Cinema


Oh man what a week it has been. We were mad as hell and we weren’t gonna take it anymore. So we started this blog and proceeded with our ranting, and blathering about awesome movies, classic cinema, furious cinema. And oh boy it seemed like we hit a nerve. Within hours emails over emails landed in our inboxes with people wanting to contribute and how it struck a nerve with them what we defined as our mission statement. We filled the blog with some really long, awesome texts, pictures and videos and we are proud to say that this was a great first week for a young movie blog.

Thank you for being with us! Thanks for the support! This is very encouraging and we’ll keep going! Please post your feedback, suggestions, criticism, or other messages below! Join us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter! Welcome to the party that is Furious Cinema. Guaranteed 100% Michael Bay-free and we promise to post some nudity very soon.

Here’s a short digest of what we brought to you this week:

Yes it seems indeed like a) Peter went wild and b) it’s been more than a week already. And of course we posted all sorts of other stuff on Facebook and Twitter. So, stick around people! Be Mad! Be Furious!

PS: That cute girl at the top is the poster girl of the movie Babyface.



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