DAREDEVIL takes a detour to the dark side of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

The new full trailer for the highly anticipated DAREDEVIL Netflix series starring Charlie Cox gives us even more awesome footage of the tone and atmosphere the show contains. Daredevil has always been based in a violent, neo-noir landscape of NY’s Hell’s Kitchen so this isn’t the usual bright Marvel Cinematic Universe we’re most familiar with. Along with the shift in visual aesthetic, the characters themselves will most likely be a bit morally ambigious as well. Daredevil’s main strength as a super hero is his skills in physical combat although he does have heightened senses. As can be seen in the trailer, we’ll be getting plenty of hard hitting action sequences that fans of these kinds of shows love. With any iconic hero, there has to be an equally intriguing villain and Marvel sure picked a gem with Vincent D’Onofrio for the role of DD’s arch-nemesis Wilson Fisk aka THE KINGPIN. This part is sure to be one of the most memorable in his career. We can’t wait to see what’s in store this April. From the looks of it, this will finally be the version of DAREDEVIL fans have been wanting to see brought to life!




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