Furious Sounds That Rocked Cinema Pt. 1: Rock ‘n’ Roll Rebellion

INTRODUCTION: In this 10 part series for Furious Cinema we’ll be looking at the groundbreaking, iconic scores & soundtracks that impacted pop culture and film. Of course like any list, there is room for dispute and alternative choices, but after researching these musical pieces we’ve concluded they are indeed relevant and important ones – and among our favorites. So, we hope you dig these short but sweet posts. Turn up your speakers and enjoy!

For its time, the song featured in the opening credits of the 1955 social drama Blackboard Jungle (1955) kicked off modern rock n’ roll cinema. The song “Rock Around The Clock” by Bill Haley and the Comets was such a huge hit when it was released, it attracted teen audiences in droves to the movie theaters, just so they could hear it play. In some theaters it actually caused violent riots and screenings were destroyed. The song indelibly marked the onset of the first wave of modern teenage rebellion in the mid 20th century. It was a true watershed moment in pop culture and film.



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  1. I remember seeing this on TV very well. It was the first rock and roll song, and I remember hearing abt riots not only at movie theaters but at concerts. It was very exciting!

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