Furious Sounds That Rocked Cinema Pt. 10 – Pulp Misirlou

We had an debate about which landmark tune from a Tarantino movie to include in this Top 10 list, especially it is also to celebrate The Quentin Tarantino Archives’ 10th anniversary. Originally, I was going for Stuck in the Middle With You, and its furious associations. Gerry Rafferty’s recent passing would’ve made this all the more relevant. We did settle on Misirlou then, because it was both a throw-the-gauntlet-down type tune and Pulp Fiction is also a much bigger, more furious indie epic with impact than Reservoir Dogs was, even though the one started it all. Misirlou has its origins in surf rock music, but today anyone you would play it to, will associated it with Pulp Fiction (Amazon.com). That’s why it makes our Top 10, and concludes it at the same time. I hope you enjoyed this series and we welcome your feedback below. Head over to The Quentin Tarantino Archives if you’re a huge Tarantino fan!

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