20 Baadassss Blaxploitation Themes

The Blaxploitation era not only gave us some really fun and exciting genre cinema it produced some of the greatest pop music to come out of the 1970s. These supercool, superbad, superfunky sounds are exactly what we mean when we use the term FURIOUS


With some help from our sister site GCDB, we’ve picked 20 of our favorite tracks from the films that gave us such legendary Black actors as Pam Grier, Fred Williamson, Jim Brown, Richard Roundtree, Rudy Ray Moore, Tamara Dobson, Jim Kelly, Trina Parks and many more. To get the full effect of these awesome tunes, we recommend turning up your stereo’s volume to 11! Stay Cool you Mad As Hell Movie Geeks!

Coffy (1973, Dir: Jack Hill)
Track: Aragon by Roy Ayers

Foxy Brown (1974, Dir: Jack Hill)
Track: Super Bad by Willie Hutch

Superfly (1972, Dir: Gordon Parks Jr)
Track: Freddie’s Dead by Curtis Mayfield

Dolemite (1975, Dir: D’urville Martin)
Track: Main Theme by The Soul Rebellion Orchestra

Willie Dynamite (1974, Dir: Gilbert Moses)
Track: Willie Chase by J.J. Johnson

Shaft’s Big Score (1972, Gordon Parks)
Track: Blowin’ Yo Mind by O.C. Smith

The Mack (1973, Dir: Michael Campus)
Track: Main Theme by Willie Hutch

Black Caesar (1973, Dir: Larry Cohen)
Track: Make It Good To Yourself by James Brown

Sweet Sweetback’s Baadassss Song (1971, Dir: Melvin Van Peebles)
Track: Cmon Feet by Earth Wind & Fire

Cleopatra Jones (1973, Dir: Jack Starrett)
Track: Main Theme by Joe Simon

Three The Hard Way (1974, Dir: Gordon Parks Jr.)
Track: Make A Resolution by The Impressions

Slaughter (1973, Dir: Jack Starrett)
Track: Main Theme by Billy Preston

Black Belt Jones (1974, Dir: Robert Clouse)
Track: Main Theme by Dennis Coffey

Truck Turner (1974, Dir: Jonathan Kaplan)
Track: Main Theme by Isaac Hayes

Shaft in Africa (1973, Dir: John Guillermin)
Track: Can’t Even Walk in The Park by Johnny Pate

Sugar Hill (1974, Dir: Paul Maslansky )
Track: Supernatural Voodoo Woman Pt II by The Originals

Blacula (1972, Dir: William Crain)
Track: There He Is Again by The Hues Corp.

Hell Up in Harlem (1973, Dir: Larry Cohen)
Track: Main Theme by Edwin Starr

Trouble Man (1972, Dir: Ivan Dixon)
Track: Main Theme by Marvin Gaye

Darktown Strutters (1975, Dir: William Witney)
Track: What You See Is What You Get by The Dramatics

Three Tough Guys (1974, Dir: Duccio Tessari)
Track: Main Theme by Isaac Hayes

You didn’t actually think we’d forget to post THE coolest theme ever did you? 😉



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