Brian DePalma’s Carrie. It doesn’t get much more cinematically thrilling than this one. Based on the book by Stephen King, it has become a true classic for horror film fans sitting alongside other 70s hits of its time like The Exorcist and Jaws. One thing that’s interesting about this movie, even though its considered part of the horror genre is the fact, it’s actually very funny. This is what Brian DePalma brought to the story in addition to his incredible visual stylization: a sense of dark humor. For most of its running time, Carrie really comes off as a goofy high school teen drama. Yet when the horror does kick in, it’s shown in a shocking way and really packs a punch. Carrie remains a special work of 70s cinema that you can revisit again and again. The themes of the misunderstood outsider and bullying in school is still relevant in today’s society as well.

The poster shows Carrie before and after a traumatic incident at her senior prom. In one image a sweet, happy princess, in the other a blood soaked angel of vengeance.





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