FC Podcast Episode 3: The Furious Films of Walter Hill

Furious Cinema Podcast Walter Hill

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Walter HIll

In this episode we turn our attention to one of our favorite filmmakers. Pete & Seb discuss the many films of one of their favorite genre specialists, Walter Hill. It’s a journey from Hard Times to Last Man Standing & beyond. Join the furious film geeks as they look back on an amazing career from one of cinema’s most respected filmmakers.

The following show notes cover some aspects we talk about:

  • One of the early FC articles about Walter Hill
  • Hard Times 1975 – the film that started it all is just so wonderful, Pete and Seb rave about its atmosphere, characters and storytelling.
  • The Driver 1978 – we also touched on Drive, but both Seb and Pete prefer this stylistic classic that needs few words and fits well in the Bullit or Thief universe
  • The Warriors 1979 – a cult classic and a highly influential film
  • The Long Riders 1980 – One of Pete’s absolute favorites
  • Southern Comfort 1981 – the most inaccessible and yet quintessential Hill film.
  • 48 Hrs 1982 (and Another 48 Hrs 1990)
  • Streets of Fire 1984 – Seb digs this streetpunk musical/opera quite a bit despite its 80s flaws
  • Brewster’s Millions 1985 – interesting contract work and a fun flick but a minor entry
  • Aliens 1986 (as a co-writer) – of course we also love other of his writing gigs like on The Getaway or Hickey and Boggs
  • Crossroads 1986 – for lovers of Blues music, and probably the most Cooder-Hill collaboration among Cooder-Hill collaborations
  • Extreme Prejudice 1987 – very reminiscent of The Wild Bunch, but tries to cover a lot of genre ground and ultimately is a bit unbalanced
  • Red Heat 1988 – in a way, this is a remake of 48Hrs
  • Johnny Handsome 1989 – Seb recognizes the cute qualities of this little underdog story
  • Trespass 1992 – Pete has great things to say about this one
  • Geronimo 1993 – Seb recently rewatched this take on the popular story and was surprised how different it was from how he remembered – and how glum.
  • Wild Bill 1995
  • Last Man Standing 1996 – peak Hill, a very interesting remake of A Fistful of Dollars and one of Seb and Pete’s favorites.
  • Supernova 2000 – Seb described the colorful production history of this Sci-Fi oddity which is a relatively bad B movie because of it, but has a stellar cast and remains a title to look up if only for the names attached.
  • Undisputed 2002
  • Deadwood 2004-2006 – quite the cult series, a bit of a bummer that Hill’s name doesn’t get enough credit for his involvement…
  • Broken Trail 2006 – neither Pete nor Seb have seen it.
  • Madso’s War 2010 – reportedly a stinker, neither Seb nor Pete have seen it
  • Bullet to the Head 2012 – harking back to the old days doesn’t work out so well for this, but it’s okay for a Friday evening watch
  • The Assignment 2016 – neither Pete nor Seb have seen this, but might be worth looking up.

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