FC Podcast Episode 1: The Novelization of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Podcast Episode 1
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood novel

The new Furious Cinema Podcast is a show hosted by Pete and Seb. Join us for discussions on our favorite movies as well as other topics of interest.

Our first episode is on Quentin Tarantino‘s novelization of Once Upon a Time …in Hollywood. The show contains spoilers, we recommend you watch the movie and read the book before listening in (see shopping links below). We are looking forward to your feedback, as we’re just two film geeks new to podcasting, so bear with us as we find our style….

The following show notes cover some aspects we talk about:

This episode is dedicated to the late great Sonny Chiba.

Listen to this Podcast: at Anchor.fm by Spotify, or find it directly on Spotify, enjoy it on our YouTube channel or just click of the players above or below.

Buy Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, the movie: Head to the QTA BluRay overview page

Buy Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, the novel:




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