Ennio Morricone – 60 Years of Music

Ennio Morricone – 60 Years of Music is a new “record” with music by Ennio Morricone, newly  recorded with the Czech National Symphony Orchestra. It is a curation of – as the title implies – music out of 60 years of the master’s work. Among them are a number of very famous title tracks from movie classics, but also a few lesser knowns. To round things off, there are a few titles that are not new recordings. The entire thing arrives (at least in the CD version I got from Universal Music) in a nice paper sleeve with a small booklet. The entire thing is also available as a nice vinyl thingy, and if you must, also in mp3 format. Please note that the transitions might not be as smooth as intended on some mp3 channels. I was amazed at the recordings, and not just the quality but also how close they were to the originals as you know them from the films. The audio is excellent and invites to dive into these masterful compositions. Among all the countless Morricone compilation albums out there, this is finally one that is actually a must own for fans. I loved listening to it. Some CD editions contain a bonus DVD with a documentary about the recording.


  1. Gabriel’s Oboe
  2. Falls
  3. On Earth As It Is In Heaven
  4. The Man With The Harmonica
  5. The Fortress
  6. The Good, The Bad And The Ugly
  7. Jill’s Theme
  8. A Fistful Of Dynamite
  9. The Ecstasy Of Gold
  10. Nuovo Cinema Paradiso
  11. Love Theme
  12. Abolisson
  13. Chi Mai
  14. H2S
  15. Metti, Una Sera A Cena – 2nd Theme
  16. Croce D’Amore
  17. Deborah’s Theme
  18. Stage Coach To Red Rock
  19. Bestiality
  20. Per Qualche Dollaro In Più (Original recording)
  21. Per Un Pugno Di Dollari: Titoli (Original recording)
  22. La Califfa (Original recording)
  23. Death Theme (Original recording)

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Ennio Morricone



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