Vittorio De Sica’s AFTER THE FOX is an overlooked comedy-caper classic

In AFTER THE FOX, comedic genius Peter Sellers stars as master criminal Aldo “The Fox” Vanucci who is planning to rob a cache of gold bullion. In need of a coastal port for his scheme to work, Vanucci comes up with a clever idea to pose as a film director and finds a small Italian town as the setting for the fictional movie he’s making. What should be a perfect caper soon goes awry when Vanucci’s sister (Britt Ekland) a huge movie buff and the former movie star (Victor Mature) he’s cast in the lead begin to cause problems.

Listen to the catchy Main Theme (written by Burt Bacharach and sung by The Hollies).


Director Vittorio DeSica was known for his more serious Italian Neo-Realist masterpieces like The Bicycle Thieves and Umberto D., so this lighter screwball crime-comedy was a bit of a departure for him. The film also featured the first screenplay by Neil Simon and was a sample of the great comedies he would script later on like The Odd Couple and The Sunshine Boys. Although the movie wasn’t well received in 1966, over the years its developed a following and has become a cult classic from its time. BUY FROM AMAZON





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