Teenagers take on the Nazis in HORNET’S NEST

On September 8th, Kino Lorber will release the 1970 World War II action-adventure cult classic HORNET’S NEST on Blu Ray. Rock Hudson stars as U.S Army paratrooper Captain Turner who, after jumping into Northern Italy with his men and being ambushed, ends up the only survivor. Meanwhile a young group of local children who have barely made it out of another massacre by the SS, discover Turner and help get him to safety. Turner soon comes up with a new plan that will replace the squad he lost with this new “Baby Dirty Dozen” to carry out his mission. The result is a highly thrilling, young men on a mission behind enemy lines action-thriller that is a unique, offbeat entry in the genre.

Special Features: Trailers for HORNETS’ NEST, THE SECRET INVASION and THE TRAIN.


Hornet's Nest BluRayOFFICIAL SYNOPSIS: Hollywood icon Rock Hudson (Avalanche) stars in this explosive WWII thriller, filled with enough action and suspense to keep you on the edge of your seat until the climactic finale. Hudson portrays Captain Turner, an American Army officer whose troop has parachuted into the Italian town of Reanoto to blow up a vital dam being used by the Nazis. Upon their landing, the troop is attacked by the Germans, leaving Turner as the lone survivor. He is rescued by a group of Italian boys the only survivors of a small town massacred by the Nazis. Outstanding performances by Sylva Koscina (Deadlier Than the Male) and Sergio Fantoni (Von Ryan’s Express) with top-notch direction by Phil Karlson (99 River Street) make this one of the most realistic war films ever made. Featuring a beautiful and haunting score by the legendary Ennio Morricone (Navajo Joe, Face to Face).

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– When Hornet’s Nest was released it had a special exploitation promotional campaign for cinema owners that suggested dressing up boys under 15 in army uniforms and putting actual hornet’s nests in shop windows to promote the film.

– Although the movie is set in World War II, Hudson’s own appearance was of the time (late 60s) including his mustache.



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