Sink your teeth into the high-definition collector’s edition of MANHUNTER

Michael Mann’s 1986 classic crime thriller MANHUNTER will be coming to BluRay from Scream Factory on May 24th. BUY FROM AMAZON

The film focuses on Special FBI Agent Will Graham (William Petersen), a brilliant but psychologically damaged detective who is pulled out of retirement to help stop a new serial killer known as “The Tooth Fairy” (Tom Noonan). Graham seeks out assistance from the diabolical “Hannibal The Cannibal” Lecktor (Brian Cox) to help him get an idea of who the man is and the motivations behind his madness. Mann’s stylized direction and the intense performances make it a highlight from his career. The film co-stars Joan Allen (The Contender), Dennis Farina, Kim Greist and Stephen Lang. Adapted from the novel Red Dragon by Thomas Harris.

Special Features

Disc 1: Theatrical Version of the film (HD) • NEW The Mind of Madness – an interview with William Petersen (18 minutes) • NEW Courting a Killer – an interview with actress Joan Allen (16 minutes) • NEW Francis is Gone Forever – an interview with actor Tom Noonan (22 minutes) • NEW The First Lecktor – an interview with actor Brian Cox (40 minutes) • NEW The Eye of the Storm – an interview with director of photography Dante Spinotti (36 minutes) • NEW The Music of MANHUNTER – including interviews with composer Michel Rubini, Barry Andrews (Shriekback), Gary Putman (The Prime Movers), Rick Shaffer (The Reds) and Gene Stashuk (Red 7) (42 minutes) • Original Theatrical Trailer • Still Gallery

Disc 2: Director’s Cut of the film (HD with Standard Definition inserts) • Audio Commentary by writer/director Michael Mann • Director’s Cut of the film (in Standard Definition) • The Manhunter Look – A Conversation with cinematographer Dante Spinotti (10 minutes) • Inside Manhunter with stars William Petersen, Joan Allen, Brian Cox and Tom Noonan (18 minutes)




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