Take a tour of Scorsese’s MEAN STREETS

Every movie geek has a collection of crown film jewels that they go back to when things are getting too watered down, fake or boring. These are like gifts that keep on giving and can be replayed over and over and always deliver that much needed dose of cinematic excitement you need. The characters are your friends, so when you see them again it’s like hanging out and reliving your favorite memories…

Martin Scorsese’s 1973 film Mean Streets was essentially a look at his life growing up in New York in the 60s. The two main characters Charlie (Harvey Keitel) and Johnny Boy (Robert DeNiro) were based on his father and uncle and their group of friends were alot like the people he knew. Where GoodFellas was a authentic look at mobster Henry Hill’s life, Mean Streets was equally realistic with its depiction of the wild inner city Italian world Scorsese lived in.

39 years after its debut this early classic from the master filmmaker remains just as powerful and entertaining as it did when it was made. That is a testament to his vision and pure cinema storytelling he crafted from the heart and soul. We highly recommend it! READ FULL REVIEW

SPECIAL FEATURES: Commentary by Martin Scorsese and Amy Robinson • Vintage Featurette: Back on the Block (6:57) • Theatrical Trailer (3:41)



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