Terence Hill stars in the spaghetti western classic MY NAME IS NOBODY

Following the massive success of Enzo Barboni’s spaghetti western comedy They Call Me Trinity (1971) which starred Terence Hill, Director Tonino Valerii (Day of Anger) teamed up with the actor on a project. The result was My Name is Nobody (1973), which co-starred the great American actor Henry Fonda who had a memorable role in Sergio Leone’s masterpiece Once Upon A Time in The West a few years prior.

A young anonymous drifter aka “Nobody” (Hill) has idolized Jack Beauregard (Fonda) a famous gunfighter since a young age. Jack, now over the hill, is tired of the life and plans to move to Europe. Before he leaves The West forever, the idealistic Nobody wants to secure his hero’s historical legacy by helping him to take down a notorious band of outlaws known as The Wild Bunch. Nobody and Jack become friends along the trail as they meet a variety of different characters, some good, some bad, some ugly.

Although the film is credited to Valerii, there was another man behind the camera for several scenes: Sergio Leone (who also co-wrote/produced). Like The Trinity films, My Name is Nobody is a really entertaining spaghetti western injected with slapstick comedy. It’s a superb parody of the popular Italian pulp film genre which was known for the edgy violence and offbeat stories but had started to decline in the early 70s.

The upcoming Blu Ray from Image Entertainment is set for release on November 5th. Don’t miss this furious Euro-Western gem!




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