Lee Van Cleef stars in SABATA

There’s nothin like a great spaghetti western! Sabata, one of our favorite furious classics, is coming to BluRay from Kino Lorber on July 22nd!

Gianfranco Parolini‘s SABATA (1969) stars Lee Van Cleef (The Good the Bad and The Ugly) as the titular gunslinging anti-hero. The story follows Sabata upon his arrival to a small Texas town where a secret plot to sell off the local land to railroad magnates soon causes explosive repercussions. Him and two new friends, the brash, rotund ex-soldier Carrincho and an acrobatic mute called “Alleycat”, jump into action to foil the corrupt local politicians who are behind it all. Sabata also has to contend with the enigmatic musician “Banjo” (William Berger) who seems to be following his every move.

Parolini’s direction is very inventive and the movie is a fast paced, funny, enjoyable action-adventure set in the Spaghetti West. Sabata was part of a trilogy that included the sequels: The Return of Sabata and Adios Sabata (starring Yul Brynner). All of them come highly recommended to genre fans!




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