Lawyers Guns and Martians

Total Recall

“Get yo azz to Mars” – After the success of Robocop, furious filmmaker Paul Verhoeven made another sci-fi themed movie, this time based on a short story by Philip K. Dick and starring the Austrian born superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger. The year is 2084, Douglas Quaid (Schwarzenegger) is a man who’s bored with his life and wants to get away from it all. The latest craze in the future is a virtual vacation titled RECALL. All you gotta do is get plugged into a huge machine then simply pick your dream vacation spot and the type of companion you want to go with you (they can be athletic or buxom!). Troubles soon arise when Quaid experiences a “schizoid embelism” (damnit). It turns out his noodle has already been messed with by someone. After Quaid’s meltdown (he goes into a Hulk like rage) at RECALL’s offices he is stabilized. He tries to go back to his life but everyone around him suddenly seems to be out to kill him. Now on the run, Quaid gets a call from a mysterious man who leaves him a briefcase with a video message that explains what he must do to uncover the strange situation he is in. That involves a trip to the red planet known as MARS. Paul Verhoeven brings his unique visual style, humor and expertise for over the top action turning this futuristic tale into an 80s classic! Co starring Sharon Stone, Ronny Cox and Michael Ironside. NOTE: The film has been recently remade but we still highly recommend the original.

The Firm
The late Sydney Pollack (Jeremiah Johnson) was one of my favorite filmmakers. In the 90s he directed this thrilling story (based on the book my John Grisham) about Mitch McDeere (Cruise) a hotshot law school student who’s been hired into an elite law business down South. Mitch and his beautiful wife Abby (Jeanne Tripplehorn) have been given the keys to their dreams with this opportunity. They can move out of their small Boston apartment and down to Memphis into a great home and start their new life. When Mitch arrives at the business he meets with his bosses and finds a mentor in one of their top aces, Avery (Gene Hackman) who takes Mitch along on a cushy trip to the Carribean as an introduction to how they do business with clients. Mitch is sharp as a razor but it’s not until he is contacted by a federal agent (Ed Harris) that he is informed that the law practice he works for is actually doing business with the Mob. Mitch suddenly finds his whole life spinning out of control with The Firm and The Feds pulling him in opposite directions. Only his wits and some help from his jailbird brother’s friends can help him get out of his life or death predicament in one piece. This edge of your seat potboiler is easily one of Tom Cruise’s best as well as another Pollack classic. Co-starring Hal Holbrook, Gary Busey, Holly Hunter, David Strathairn and Wilford Brimley.



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