Laurence Fishburne hits all the numbers in HOODLUM

Bill Duke’s 1997 gangster drama HOODLUM starring Laurence Fishburne will be coming to BluRay from Olive Films on July 19th. BUY FROM AMAZON

In 1930s Harlem, Ellsworth “Bumpy” Johnson (Fishburne) has been released from Sing Sing prison and is back on the mean streets. In need of money he heads back to the criminal life working for racketeer Stephanie “Madame Queen” St. Clair (Cicely Tyson). He soon encounters the vicious mobster Dutch Schultz (Tim Roth) who is trying to takeover vice in the city through violent intimidation. Even Lucky Luciano (Andy Garcia) Dutch’s mob associate is weary of how far he will go. As Bumpy and his cousin Illinois (Chi McBride) rule the numbers rackets while standing defiant against Schultz and his mob, the dangers and betrayals mount up threatening everyone he cares for. Co-starring Vanessa L. Williams, Queen Latifah, Clarence Williams III and Paul Benjamin.




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