ENTER THE DRAGON 40th Anniversary Ultimate Collector’s Edition

“Boards don’t hit back”

On June 11th Warner Home Video will be releasing a 40th Anniversary Ultimate Collector’s Edition of ENTER THE DRAGON (1973) the film that made the late Bruce Lee an international superstar. There will be several brand new features included so if you’ve already bought previous editions you may want to double dip (die hard fans will no doubt pick this up faster than one of Bruce’s kicks).

FC SYNOPSIS: The story focuses on a martial arts expert (Bruce Lee) who is hired by the British government to be a secret agent and infiltrate the private island fortress of a renegade Shaolin monk named Han (Shih Kien). To get behind enemy lines so to speak, Lee goes incognito as a contestant in a special martial arts tournament that is being held by Han. On his journey he meets two fellow fighters Roper (John Saxon) and Williams (Jim Kelly), a couple of interesting characters that have their own agendas while they take part in the flashy event. The action comes fast and furious as Lee, a martial arts master like no other shows his skills off in the matches all while doing reconnaissance missions at night to get proof of Han’s secret underworld operations.

Bruce Lee’s performance in Enter The Dragon is simply “extraordinary” as Mr. Han would put it. The film was able to capture the genius and explosive style of his martial arts abilities as it hadn’t been seen before in films up to that time. Lee tragically died only weeks before the film premiere but when audiences around the globe saw the unbridled energy he brought to the silver screen, it became an instant smash and placed him in the legendary status he still holds 40 years later. READ A FULL REVIEW


Audio Commentary by producer Paul Heller – New Featurette: No Way As Way – New Featurette: The Return to Han’s Island – New Featurette: Wing Chun: The Art that Introduced Kung Fu to Bruce Lee – Interview Gallery featuring Lee’s wife, Linda Lee Caldwell – Vintage pieces – Backyard Workout with Bruce Lee – Curse of the Dragon – Location: Hong Kong with Enter the Dragon – Blood and Steel: The Making of Enter the Dragon – Personal Profile Bruce Lee: In His Own Words – Five trailers – Seven TV spots.

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