Lee Marvin and Charles Bronson star in DEATH HUNT

One of our favorite furious films, Peter R. Hunt’s 1981 action-adventure DEATH HUNT is coming to Blu Ray from Shout Factory August 20th. Special Features will include an Audio interview with stars Charles Bronson and Lee Marvin, German Trailer, Original US Trailer and a Photo Gallery.

Based on true events Charles Bronson stars as Albert Johnson, a Canadian trapper who rescues an injured German Shepherd from Hazel (Ed Lauter) a sadistic hunter who runs organized dog fights. After Johnson takes the animal back to his cabin to recuperate, Hazel and his thugs follow and ambush him. An angered Johnson retaliates, killing one of Hazel’s group. Believing him to actually be “The Mad Trapper”, a mysterious wanted killer, a group of Canadian mounties led by Sgt. Edgar Millen (Lee Marvin) are called in to bring Johnson to justice. The tension mounts and violence explodes as Millen and his men (Andrew Stevens, Carl Weathers) try to get Johnson to surrender. It’s a cult classic action-thriller that fans of legendary Hollywood tough guys Bronson and Marvin will love. Co-starring Angie Dickinson and Maury Chaykin.



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