Clint Eastwood is JOE KIDD

On April 1st, Universal Home Video will release another classic Clint Eastwood Western, John Sturges’ JOE KIDD (1972) on Blu Ray and Digital HD with Ultraviolet.

Joe Kidd (Eastwood) is an ex bounty hunter who has been jailed for hunting on Indian land and drunkenly disturbing the peace in a small town in New Mexico. Meanwhile, a Mexican revolutionary named Louis Chama (John Saxon) has been leading a revolt against the local wealthy land owners who have been stealng the territory from the natives. One of the barons, Frank Harlan (Robert Duvall) decides to lead a posse to seek out and kill Chama. With his reputation as a badass tracker, Joe Kidd is approached to join Harlan’s band of hunters and at first relents but finally agrees to ride along. As Kidd gets further into the adventure, he discovers that his employer Harlan and his men may just be the real enemy after all. The screenplay was written by the late great Elmore Leonard with a fantastic score by legendary composer Lalo Schifrin. The superb supporting cast includes Don Stroud, Paul Koslo, Stella Garcia and Dick Van Patten. Joe Kidd is a smaller, often overlooked politically themed Revisionist film set in the Old West and one that we at Furious Cinema are longtime fans of. Recommended!

Update: KLSC has released an even better, more up to date version of this classic on BluRay

Fun fact: the German title of this movie is Sinola

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